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On 16 December 2018 the Garden of the Righteous of Novara was inaugurated in the Allea di San Luca Park near the Castle of Novara, a green area very popular among citizens. 

"For some time we have been thinking about this initiative - explains the mayor Alessandro Canelli -  this seems to us the best way to honor the example of those who put the good of others before their own, at times when this choice represented a serious risk”. "It is true - continues Canelli - that to many of the characters deserving of this recognition our city has already entitled streets, squares, schools, just as in the case of the first Righteous that will be remembered here, Monsignor Leone Ossola. But it is also true that often the simple naming can be in a certain sense "misleading" in comparison to the reasons that determined it. A place like this Garden, like all the Gardens of the Righteous, leaves no room for interpretation: Righteous is that man or woman who saved human lives and who fought so that human rights would not be violated, even by putting his own life at risk”.

16 December 2018

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Allea di San Luca Park
28100 Novara
Provincia di Novara (Piemonte)