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​Milan awards Gabriele Nissim

Gariwo chairman bestowed with Golden Ambrogino

Gabriele Nissim awarded at Teatro Dal Verme

Gabriele Nissim awarded at Teatro Dal Verme

On Sunday 7 December, feast of Milan’s Holy Patron Saint Ambrose, Mayor Giuliano Pisapia and President of City Council Basilio Rizzo bestowed 62 civic merits in the usual appointment dedicated to the Saint at Teatro Dal Verme.

Gariwo chairman Gabriele Nissim received the Golden Medal for his commitment to the memory of Good. So goes the official motivation: "He made a tenacious and passionate effort to keep the memory of the persecutions, crimes and genocide cases of the Twentieth century. Gabriele Nissim’s commitment for this cause was fulfilled through a steady work of prevention of new crimes against the humanity, the search for and popularization of the Righteous’ exemplary figures especially in relation with the younger generations, the creation of Gariwo and the campaign that led to the proclamation of the European Day of the Righteous. Thanks to his work Milan witnessed the creation of the Garden of the Righteous on Monte Stella hill, dedicated to those who stood out in the struggle against totalitarianism and the aid to oppressed and persecuted minorities; this is a monument of civilization and humanity that is an honour for the town and the whole country ".

9 December 2014

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The Garden of the Righteous in Milan (Monte Stella)

against all occurrences of genocide

On January 24 2003, in an area of the Monte Stella hill park in Milan, we inaugurated the Garden of the Righteous worldwide, run by an association set up on purpose by the Milan City Hall together with the Union of the Italian Jewish Communities and the Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide Committee-Gariwo.
Over the years we have honoured exemplary figures of moral resistance from Rwanda, Latin America, Bosnia, the European countries torn by Nazi and Communist regimes, from Tunisia, Russia, and Iran.

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