European day of the Righteous 2015

"Then and now, the always needed Righteous"

European Day of the Righteous

European Day of the Righteous

"Then and now, the always needed Righteous" is the theme chosen to celebrate this year's European Day of the Righteous, the second annual edition of this Day that was set up by the European Parliament upon Gariwo proposal.

Gariwo is planning many celebrations in Italy and Europe.

In Milan a two-stage event: 

- 3 March, 6 p.m., Palazzo Cusani

“European Day of the Righteous - The memory of Good and education to Responsibility

Meeting held by Gariwo with the Consular Corps of Milan and Lombardy, moderated by Corriere della Sera editorialist Antonio Ferrari, in the presence of Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni. Official greetings by Gen. C.A. Riccardo Marchiò, Commander of the Rapid Response Army Corps of NATO in Italy, Massimo Baggi, Dean of the Consular Corps of Milan and Lombardy, the Mayor of Milan Giuliano Pisapia, the President of Lombardy Region Roberto Maroni, and Francesco Paolo Tronca, Milan's Prefect.

Remarks by Gabriele Nissim, chairman of Gariwo, the forest of the Righteous, Ferruccio de Bortoli, editor of Corriere della Sera, and Paolo Gentiloni, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Admission only upon invitation

- 6 March, 11 a.m., Garden of the Righteous Worldwide, Monte Stella

Then and now, the Always Needed Righteous

Ceremony of tree planting in the presence of Mayor Giuliano Pisapia, President of the City Council Basilio Rizzo, Gariwo chairman Gabriele Nissim, Giorgio Mortara, UCEI Adviser, Pietro Kuciukian, Consul of Armenia to Italy, and the honored Righteous.

The new trees are dedicated to Razan Zaitouneh, Syrian human rights lawyer and activist, abducted by jihadist extremist groups in 2013 in the outskirts of Damascus, whose whereabouts are still unknown; Ghayath Mattar, young pacifist who offered soldiers flowers and water in sign of dialogue and struggled for human rights and freedom, who was arrested and killed in Syria in 2011; Mehmet Gelal Bey, an Ottoman Turk, Mayor of Aleppo, who opposed the guidelines of his government that imposed the elimination of the Armenian people in the genocide of 1915; the men and women of the Coastal Ward who risked their lives, each with great courage and selflessness, from Lampedusa all along the Italian shores, to rescue the castaways fleeing from hunger and violence; Alganesh Fessaha, Italian-Eritrean humanitarian activist who risked her life to rescue the persecuted in Africa and helped migrants and their relatives in Lampedusa after the tragic shipwreck of 2013; Rocco Chinnici, absolutely honest and very humane judge, as well as brave promoter of the first anti-Mafia pool of the Tribunal of Palermo, who was killed by the Mafia gangs in 1983.

For the ceremony at Monte Stella Hill booking is recommended. To perform it you can call number 02/36707648 or write to

In the Insights box you find the biographies of the Righteous honored.

17 February 2015

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