A day in honor of the Righteous in Milan

with the trees dedication and the relatives' testimony

A moment of the ceremony: Pierantonio Costa with his family

A moment of the ceremony: Pierantonio Costa with his family

5th May 2009

11.00 a.m.
Garden of the Righteous Worldwide, Monte Stella

Speeches by the Communal authorities, the President of the UCEI and the President of Ga.Ri.Wo.

Uncovering of the memorial stones with the dedications to the Righteous in the presence of their relatives

5.30 p.m.
Alessi room, Palazzo Marino, della Scala
Commemoration and testimonies of Consul Costa and the other Righteous' relatives.

The Association for the Garden of the Righteous in Milan, in the assembly of 6th February 2009 chose the first exemplary figures to be honored by the dedication of a tree. The Guarantors' Committee, gathered on 23rd February, unanimously approved of the choice.

The Association is formed by Milan's Commune, by the Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide Committee - Gariwo and by the Union of the Italian Jewish Communities.
By the Statute, the President of the Association is Milan's Mayor and Gabriele Nissim was appointed as its Vicepresident.

The Guarantors' Committee is presided over by the President of the Communal Council Mr. Manfredi Palmeri and its members are:
The Office of Presidency of the Communal Council with 4 members appointed by the President (Davide Corritore, Stefano Di Martino, Andrea Fanzago and Claudio Santarelli),
The President of the Culture Committee (MIchele Mardegan),
4 outstanding characters of the Milanese and national cultural community, chosen by the Assembly (Francesco Cataluccio, Riccardo Chiaberge, Piero Ostellino and Vittorio Parsi).

Inscriptions carved on the memorial stones

To the Italian "Righteous among the Nations"
honored in Yad Vashem for rescuing the Jews during the Shoah

To Pierantonio Costa- Italian Consul in Kigali
He saved numerous lives during the genocide in Rwanda

To Hrant Dink
assassinated in Istanbul for defending the memory of the Armenian genocide in Turkey

To Anna Politkovskaya
assassinated in Moscow for denouncing the massacres of civilians in Chechenya

To Dusko Kondor
assassinated in Bijelijna for denounced the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia-Herzegovina

To Khaled Abdul Wahab
he saved a group of Jews during the Shoah in Madhia in Tunisia

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