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Massarosa - "Fallen of Nassirya" park

Inauguration at the Garden

Inauguration at the Garden

On March 6, 2020, it was inaugurated the "Garden of the Righteous Worldwide" in Massarosa's park "Fallen of Nassirya", with a cippus dedicated to Shada Nasser. The monument was revelead on the Day of the Righteous, near a little pomegranate tree, symbol of honesty and rightness. 

“We are very proud" – said the Major Alberto Coluccini – "to celebrate the Day of the Righteous by dedicating a cippus to a woman, a lawyer from Yemen, who since ever has fought for children's rights and mainly against the barbarian pratice of the weddings with child brides."

At the ceremony, alongside the mayor, the president and vice-president Francesca Bianchini, there were also several representatives of the city council.

6 March 2020

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