On 6 March 2021 the Garden of the Righteous in Casaloldo (Mantua) was inaugurated - the second Garden of the Righteous in the Mantua area after that of Mantua - with three trees for Nelson Mandela, Father Primo Mazzolari, Felicia Impastato, who were chosen by the citizens di Casaloldo on the basis of a popular referendum on municipal social networks. Moreover, the citizens also decided to honor Giuseppe Ruzzenenti, who during the Social Republic defended the treasures of Jewish woman, Isolde Littman and returned them to her after the war.

The mayor of Casaloldo Emma Raschi inaugurated the garden. During the ceremony, 4 trees were planted, each for the 4 honored figures.

The classes of the Casaloldo School followed the ceremony in live streaming due to anti-Covid restrictions.

Inauguration of the Garden of Casaloldo

People honoured in this Garden

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Nelson Mandela
the “giant” of the struggle against apartheid
Father Primo Mazzolari
A brave priest who stood up to the Nazi.
Felicia Bartolotta Impastato
Peppino Impastato’s mother
Giuseppe Ruzzenenti
He kept the valuables of the Jewish Isolde Littman until her return after the war
Albino Badinelli
the policeman who turned himself in to the Nazi-Fascists to save 20 hostages and the whole country from the retaliation
Agitu Ideo Gudeta
environmental activist from Ethiopia
Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli
architect of Inter-religious Dialogue

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