Bovisio Masciago

Bovisio Masciago

Inaugurated on 25 November 2018 at Bovisio Masciago, the Garden of the Righteous women and men at the Guareschi Park, in via Tolmino.

The proximity to the new school district of the municipality, wants to be admonished so that the new generations are aware of the inalienable and basic values of a civil society. Precisely for this reason, during the ceremony, the first tree was dedicated to Laura Conti and Kenule Saro-Wiwa, who have done their utmost to protect the environment and human rights.

Promoted by: The Committee for the Environment of Bovisio Masciago, ANPI Section of Bovisio Masciago, Il Baule Verde, Parents Association of Disabled Boys, Parents on the Move, Parents Committee, La Compagnia del Fausti, the "Alessandro Manzoni" Comprehensive Institute and the "Fraternity of Luigi Monti", with the participation and patronage of the Municipal Administration.

The Garden of the Righteous women and men of Bovisio Masciago


People honoured in this Garden

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Laura Conti [the figure disagrees with the criteria proposed by Gariwo for the choice of the Righteous]
Mother of the italian environmentalism
Kenule Saro - Wiwa [biography on external website]
Don Aldo Mauri, Natale Polonia, Ernesto Sambruni
saved 80 Congolese prisoners
Gino Bartali
the champion who saved Jews
Malala Yousafzai
youngest winner of the Nobel peace prize, she is knowned for her activities for civil rights

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