On the European Day of the Righteous 2015 the Garden of the Righteous in Benevento has been inaugurated in collaboration with Gariwo, the Forest of the Righteous. The ambassador Emilio Barbarani, who took part in the celebration, has been honored with a tree in the garden of the scientific high school "G. Rummo", in presence of authorities, citizenship and numerous students. 

On the European Day of the Righteous 2016 three trees in honour of Tomaso de Vergottini, Suruc's young activists and women have been planted in the historical complex of Sant'Ilario. 

Inauguration of the Garden of Benevento

People honoured in this Garden

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Tomaso de Vergottini
Saviour of "asilati" in Chile
Women [the figure disagrees with the criteria proposed by Gariwo for the choice of the Righteous]
Giancarlo Siani
Italian crime reporter from Naples, who was killed by Camorra
Fethiye Cetin
Turkish lawyer, she has been representing the family of Hrant Dink and she fights for the Armenian people
Hrant Dink
journalist who promoted dialogue and reconciliation between Turks and Armenians
Faraaz Hussein
the young man who in Dhaka sacrificed himself in order not to desert his friends
Giovanni Palatucci
the police officer in Fiume who helped several Jews
Rocco Chinnici
brave promoter of the first anti-Mafia team of the Palermo courthouse, was killed by the cosche (Mafia group)s
Emilio Alessandrini [biography on external website]
Italian judge murdered by a commando of "Prima Linea"
Eugenio Colorni
father together with Spinelli and Rossi of European Federalism
Arnaud Beltrame
the hero policeman
Daphne Galizia
Maltese journalist and activist killed in an attack on 16 October 2017
Arturo Toscanini
genius of music, patriot and rebel
Raffaele Di Donato
the municipal secretary who did not denounce the Jews
Harald Edelstam
The Swedish diplomat who, in just a few months, helped rescue about 1,500 refugees and fugitives in Chile
Emilio Barbarani
Former ambassador to Chile, he organized the escape of about 750 supporters of the Allende government

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