Garden of Basiglio

Garden of Basiglio

The opening ceremony was held on March 6, 2022 at 11:45 am at Leonardo Da Vinci square, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the European Day of the Righteous. The Municipality of Basiglio inaugurates a Garden of the Righteous, spread all over the green areas of the city. 

Each tree, remembering a Righteous, was chosen because of its strategic location, near crucial places and locations of the city. The hope and goal is to involve in the life of the Garden the whole community.

The Mayor Reale thanked the artist Anna Teresa Ritacco, who created the artworks near to each tree as symbols of gratitude to the Righteous.

The first Righteous have been chosen by the Municipality, the local organizations involved and by the Council of Young People. They are: Simone Veil, Rachel Carson, Gino Bartali, don Giovanni Barbareschi and Nelson Mandela

Opening ceremony of the Garden of the Righteous in Basiglio

People honoured in this Garden

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Simone Veil
A Holocaust survivor, she was a magistrate, minister, and the first woman President of the European Parliament and also the first to preside over the directly elected European Parliament
Gino Bartali
the champion who saved Jews
Giovanni Barbareschi
founder of OSCAR
Nelson Mandela
the “giant” of the struggle against apartheid
Luz Long
The German athlete who suggested the winning strategy to his black adversary Jesse Owens, thus becoming a universal symbol of brotherhood among the peoples

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