“There’s a tree for every man who opted for the Good”

Why do we honor the Righteous with a tree?

The Gardens are like open books that tell the Righteous’ stories: they are aimed at presenting to the public opinion the examples of those who, putting their life, career and friendship at risk, have been able to preserve human values against unjust laws or the indifference of the society.
They are places of memory, meeting and dialogue. Here it’s possible to organize initiatives for students and citizens, to keep alive the examples of the Righteous all the year round, not only by planting new trees.

Following the example of Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, in order to honor the Righteous for all the genocides, in 2003 has been created the Garden of Milan at Monte Stella Park. Every year, a lot of Gardens arise in cities and schools in Italy and all over the world, thanks to municipalities, associations, teachers and ordinary citizens.

For this reason we created GariwoNetwork, aimed at connecting all the realities engaged in spreading the message of the Righteous. Our aim is to create a widespread network to connect everybody who believes in these topics.

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Garden Country Italy's Region Opening
Levashovo Memorial Russian Federation 2007
Warsaw Poland 2014
Stuttgart Germany 2019
Sondrio - Paesi Retici Institute Italy Sondrio 2019
Levico Terme Italy Trento 2005
Lugano Switzerland 2018
Lario Intelvese Italy Como 2022
Riva del Garda Italy Trento 2014
Premolo Italy Bergamo 2019
Bosisio Parini Italy Lecco 2021
Pieve di Tremosine sul Garda Italy Brescia 2022
Duino - United World College of the Adriatic Italy Trieste 2020
Albino - Secondary School of Abbazia Italy Bergamo 2021
Cadorago Italy Como 2014
Bergamo - Mascheroni High School Italy Bergamo 2016
Bergamo Italy Bergamo 2016
Verano Brianza Italy Monza e Brianza 2017
Carnate Italy Monza e Brianza 2018
Seveso - Villa Dho Italy Monza e Brianza 2018
Seveso Italy Monza e Brianza 2010
Calcinate Italy Brescia 2010
Desio - Primary School “G.Gavazzi” Italy Monza e Brianza 2019
Bovisio Masciago Italy Monza e Brianza 2018
Busto Arsizio Italy Varese 2013
Solaro - Groane Park Italy Milano 2010
Senago - Marco Polo Institute Italy Milano 2019
Monza - Correctional Facility Italy Monza e Brianza 2017
Marcon - GF. Malipiero School Italy Venezia 2021
Bollate Italy Milano 2019
Rho Italy Milano 2022
Cologno Monzese Italy Milano 2011
Brescia Italy Brescia 2013
Rezzato Italy Brescia 2019
Pioltello Italy Milano 2019
Erba - Carlo Porta High School Italy Como 2021
Vignate - C. I. Italy Milano 2016
Milan - Monte Stella Italy Milano 2003
Milan - Anna Politkovskaya's Garden Italy Milano 2013
Desenzano del Garda Italy Brescia 2013
Verona - Liceo Fracastoro Italy Verona 2023
Venice Italy Venezia 2015
Buccinasco Italy Milano 2019
San Donato Italy Milano 2018
Barbariga Italy Brescia 2019
Abbiategrasso - IIS Bachelet Italy Milano 2022
Montichiari Italy Brescia 2017
Orzinuovi Italy Brescia 2015
Padua Italy Padova 2008
Opera Italy Milano 2019
Rozzano Italy Milano 2019
Basiglio Italy Milano 2022
Abano Terme Italy Padova 2021
Borgo San Giacomo Italy Brescia 2019
Calvisano Italy Brescia 2015
Binasco Italy Milano 2016
Vercelli, Iqbal Masih Park Italy Vercelli 2016
Tavazzano Italy Lodi 2013
Lacchiarella Italy Milano 2018
Vercelli - C. I. Lanino Italy Vercelli 2016
Casaloldo Italy Mantova 2021
Legnago Italy Milano 2015
Pavia - Liceo Copernico Italy Pavia 2023
Cremona Italy Cremona 2012
Mantua Italy Mantova 2014
Milan - Parco Valsesia Italy Torino 2005
Torino - Cattaneo Scientific High School Italy Torino 2013
Buttigliera Alta - Rosta - Comprehensive School of Buttigliera Alta - Rosta Italy Torino 2021
Torino - Scuola Internazionale Europea A. Spinelli Italy Torino 2022
Torino - Liceo Ferraris Italy Torino 2022
Oulx - Des Ambrois Institute Italy Torino 2018
Turin - High School and ITSE Majorana Italy Torino 2021
Molino dei Torti Italy Alessandria 2009
Turin ND 2014
Turin - Villa Genero Park Italy Torino 2007
Valenza Italy Alessandria 2018
Nichelino Italy Torino 2021
Pontecurone Italy Alessandria 2020
Finale Emilia Italy Modena 2017
Ferrara - Perlasca C. I. Italy Ferrara 2014
Noceto Italy Parma 2019
Parma Italy Parma 2018
Carpi Italy Modena 2016
Gremiasco Italy Alessandria 2019
Castellazzo Italy Reggio Emilia 2019
Lesignano de' Bagni Italy Parma 2022
Ravenna Italy Ravenna 2017
Genoa Italy Genova 2011
San Benedetto Val di Sambro Italy Ferrara 2019
Bellaria-Igea Marina Italy Rimini 2004
Rimini Italy Rimini 2014
Diano San Pietro Italy Imperia 2017
Pistoia Italy Pistoia 2013
Massarosa Italy Lucca 2020
Prato - Pier Cironi Secondary School Italy Prato 2019
Massarosa - Maurizio Pellegrini Secondary School Italy Lucca 2019
Lucca Italy Lucca 2021
Coldirodi Italy Imperia 2021
Florence Italy Firenze 2003
Marina di Campo - Secondary school of Marina di Campo Italy Livorno 2021
Marina di Pisa Italy Pisa 2021
Falconara - Secondary school Italy Ancona 2014
Castelfiorentino Italy Firenze 2022
Cavriglia Italy Arezzo 2016
Jesi - Liceo Artistico Edgardo Mannucci Italy Ancona 2022
Recanati - IC Badaloni Italy Macerata 2022
Montelupone Italy Macerata 2022
Marseille France 2022
Tolentino Italy Macerata 2013
Perugia Italy Perugia 2016
Assisi Italy Perugia 2015
Offida Italy Ascoli Piceno 2105
Trevi Italy Perugia 2017
Italy Terni 2022
Orbetello Italy Grosseto 2022
Pescara Italy Pescara 2018
L'Aquila - National Boarding School Italy L'Aquila 2019
Civita Castellana Italy Viterbo 2016
Torre de' Passeri Italy Pescara 2014
Bussi sul Tirino Italy Pescara 2018
Tolfa Italy Roma 2022
Rome - Liceo Scientifico Nomentano Italy Roma 2022
Rome Italy Roma 2022
Rome - Auditorium Parco della Musica Italy Roma 2016
Fregene - Passoscuro Institute Italy Roma 2019
Rome - Cavour high school Italy Roma 2017
Rome - Villa Pamphilj Italy Roma 2018
Maccarese - "Leonardo da Vinci" Institute Italy Roma 2008
Garden of Rome - Comprehensive School of Donatello of Rome Italy Roma 2021
Fiumicino - IC Colombo Italy Roma 2022
Fiumicino - Porto Romano School of Fiumicino Italy Roma 2021
Segni Italy Roma 2015
Boville Ernica Italy Frosinone 2017
Aprilia Italy Latina 2017
Garden of Cisterna Italy Latina 2019
Ceccano - High school Italy Frosinone 2018
Campobasso - Science High-School "A.- Romita" Italy Campobasso 2016
Foggia - ISS Notarangelo-Rosati Italy Foggia 2019
Garden of Tora and Piccilli Italy Caserta 2018
Trani - Valdemaro Vecchi Scientific High School Italy Bari 2019
Bisceglie Italy Barletta-Andria-Trani 2012
Molfetta - ITET Salvemini Italy Bari 2022
Benevento Italy Benevento 2015
Bitonto Italy Bari 2014
Minervino Murge - High School Enrico Fermi Italy Barletta-Andria-Trani 2021
Frattamaggiore - Liceo Miranda Italy Napoli 2022
Olbia Italy Sassari 2015
Gyumri Armenia 2012
Salerno Italy Salerno 2018
Campagna Italy Salerno 2017
Garden of Taranto Italy Taranto 2021
Garden of Taranto - Alfieri Institute Italy Taranto 2019
Copertino Italy Lecce 2018
Yerevan Armenia 1995
Ardauli Italy Oristano 2021
Albagiara Italy Oristano 2016
Wilmington United States 1981
Terralba Italy Oristano 2022
Spezzano Albanese Italy Cosenza 2014
Corigliano Rossano - IIS N.GREEN - FALCONE E BORSELLINO Italy Cosenza 2022
Garden of Corigliano Calabro - IC Erodoto Italy Cosenza 2019
Bisignano - ICS G. Pucciano Italy Cosenza 2021
Lamezia Terme Italy Catanzaro 2017
Washington United States 1999
Lamezia Terme - S.Eufemia Institute Italy Catanzaro 2019
Vibo Valentia Italy Vibo Valentia 2018
Cittanova Italy Reggio Calabria 2008
Milazzo Italy Messina 2011
Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto Italy Messina 2022
Palermo Italy Palermo 2018
Sant'Onofrio Italy Vibo Valentia 2018
Isnello Italy Palermo 2019
Castelbuono Italy Palermo 2019
Linguaglossa Italy Catania 2008
Marsala - A. De Gasperi comprehensive Institute Italy Trapani 2018
Catania Italy Catania 2003
Favara Italy Agrigento 2015
Agrigento Italy Agrigento 2015
Augusta Italy Siracusa 2022
Tunis Tunisia 2016
Pozzallo Italy Ragusa 2016
Halabja Iraq 2022
Kfarnabrakh Lebanon 2019
Jordan Jordan 2017
Neve Shalom - Wahat el Salam Israel 2015
Yad Vashem Israel 1962
Mar del Plata Argentina 2023
Warsaw Virtual Garden ND 0
Salonika Virtual garden ND 0
Sofia Virtual Garden ND 0
The virtual Garden of the Righteous ND 0
Nizza Monferrato Italy Asti 2020

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    As a member of the Association for the Garden of the Righteous in Milan, Gariwo is responsible only for the choices for the Garden of the Righteous at the Monte Stella Park in Milan.

    If consulted about the choice of the Righteous, Gariwo offers an opinion starting from its founding principles in respect of the autonomy of every Garden, and it is constantly committed, through its website, publications and cultural initiatives, to provide tools and insights on the values and the figures of the Righteous.

    Only in the Gardens of Rome, Bergamo, Warsaw, Tunis, Kfarnabrakh, Amman and Neve Shalom-Wahat el Salam Gariwo participates, together with the other promoters, in the Committee that choose the Righteous to be honored.

    Pictures from the Gardens