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Flash News

Alberto Nisman would have not committed suicide

according to Argentinian police

6 November 2017

Buenos Aires

The procurator who was investigating the 1994 terror attack against the Jewish Centre of Buenos Aires was found dead under mysterious circumstances on 18 January 2015, the day before reporting about his findings before the Parliament. The first supposition was he had committed suicide, but now new details emerge that keep the case open. 

Libya, comic book convention raided

by a militia loyal to the Nato

6 November 2017


A group officially obeying Western orders shut down a convention of comic artists claiming it was against "Islamic morals". Cartoonists may have irked them by drawing inspiration from American or Japanese characters. 20 people were arrested.

North Korean Soldier Wounded While Moving to the South

a fellow military shot at him

13 November 2017

North Korea

The young men who was shot at while defecting is now hospitalized. 

Mass Graves Found in Iraq

at least 400 corpses found in the pits in formerly Isis-occupied lands

13 November 2017


In the city near Kirkuk, the bodies found in the mass graves after the ousting of the Islamic States from the area are mostly wearing the uniforms of the people sentenced to death.