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Rwanda: writer tells about the end of the world

book by Annick Kayitesi-Jozan reviewed by Raphaël Glucksmann

11 October 2017


Publication in France of Même Dieu ne veut pas s'en mêler, (Not even God wanted to have to do with this), an "essential piece of testimony" about the 1994 genocide", "making no concessions". 

Bosnia, Naser Oric acquitted

"defender of Srebrenica" for some people, "Drina valley executioner" for others

21 October 2017


The veteran of the Balkan war was acquitted of war crimes by a court in Sarajevo. For Bosnians, he is a hero as he fought hard to defend the Muslim enclave of Srebrenica, while for the Serbs he is a murderer. In particular he was accused of the murder of three Serb militaries together with his former fellow soldier Sabahudin Muhic, who was acquitted, too.