The value of the third annual EU Day of the Righteous

by Renzo Gattegna

Renzo Gattegna, President of the Union of the Italian Jewish Communities, affirms the international value of the Righteous of then and now, who represent our hope for the future. Here is the great value of third annual European Day of the Righteous.

"The light of the Righteous enlightens the entire humanity and represents an extraordinary paradigm both in times of peace and in times of crisis, when the darkness falls on our world and violence, hatred, the denial of rights become daily threats to our democratic life.

Knowing and popularizing the tales of those who opposed the darkness in the different periods of our recent past - said President Gattegna - thus provides an invaluable opportunity that helps us understand the value of the achievements of the  develop world and their specific weight in our lives.

By celebrating the heroes of then and now, by telling about their courage, their dream, and their resolve, we strengthen the values which unite the different peoples and cultures in a common desire for peace, freedom and universal brotherhood".

9 March 2015

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