The Day of the Righteous and the practice of good

note by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

"European Day of the Righteous is an event of the utmost importance to remember how the memory of evil can and should be the basis to nurture the memory and the daily practice of Good.

From the tragedies of the past we can draw a reason everyday to keep the dignity of the human being at the core of our political and institutional actions and of our civil behavior.

Italy confirms its strong commitment to the promotion of human rights in the world. On this day a particular wish goes to all those in our country who, like Gabriele Nissim and Gariwo, are on the cutting edge of sharing memories and supporting all minorities in favor of a better world".

So reads the note issued on 6 March 2015 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the occasion of the celebrations of the third annual European Day of the Righteous.

9 March 2015

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