Creation of 6 March Committee

for the celebrations of EU Day of the Righteous

The logo of European Day of the Righteous

The logo of European Day of the Righteous

The establishment of European Day of the Righteous - which was approved on 10 May 2012 by the European Parliament upon Gariwo proposal - is a milestone in spreading the message brought by the Righteous.

In order to strengthen this heritage over time we set up 6 March Committee to support the celebrations of European Day of the Righteous; a tool to renew and extend the ceremonies in honor of the Righteous every year throughout Europe.

Your support will make this recurrence more and more significant. To join 6 March Committee click here

In the box of Further Insights you find the Committee's goals.

Here are the names of the people who have already joined 6 March Committee:

Paolo Beni, National President of ARCI association and Member of the Parliament
Paola Bigatto, theatre actress and producer
Svetlana Broz, director of Gariwo Sarajevo 
Francesco Cataluccio, writer
Letizia Cerqueglini, President Associazione Italia-Israele of Perugia
Leonardo Coen, journalist of La Repubblica and writer
Gherardo Colombo, former Italian judge
Nando Dalla Chiesa, writer, professor of Sociology of organized crime at Università degli Studi di Milano
Ferruccio De Bortoli, director Corriere della Sera
Patrizia Di Luca, President San Marinese UNESCO Commission and director of the Museo dell'Emigrante
Antonio Ferrari, Corriere della Sera editorialist
Marcello Flores, professor of History of Human Rights at Università di Siena
Zbigniew Gluza, President of Karta Foundation
Agnes Grunwald-Spier, Holocaust survivor and member of the British Holocaust Memorial Day Trust
Annalia Guglielmi, In charge of Eestern European affairs for Gariwo 
Juan Gutierrez, Promoter of San Sebastián as European capital of culture 2016
Juan Carlos Izagirre Hortelano, mayor of San Sebastián (ES), European capital of culture 2016
Piotr Jakubowski, Director of centre Dom Spotkan z Historia (House of History Meetings)
Stefano Jesurum, Corriere della Sera journalist and writer
Hellen Kaufmann, President of Association Anonymes, Justes et Persecutés durant la Période Nazie de Bordeaux (AJPN)
Gaetano Liguori, pianist and jazz composer
Antonello Linari, Mayor of Torre de’ Passeri (PE)
Nicolantonio Logoluso, President Worker's Mutual Aid “Roma intangibile”, Bisceglie (BT)
Claire Ly, witness and survivor to the Cambodian genocide
Sante Maletta, philosopher and professor of Political philosophy at Università della Calabria
Francesca Nodari, philosopher and director of Filosofi lungo l’Oglio
Enza Nunziato, journalist of Il Sannio Quotidiano
Vittorio Emanuele Parsi, professor of International Relations at Università Cattolica of Milan
Maria Peri, granddaughter of Righteous Odoardo Focherini
Franco Perlasca, son to Giorgio Perlasca and President of Foundation Giorgio Perlasca Andreas Pieralli, journalist and translator in the Czech Republic
Giuliano Pisapia, Mayor of Milan
Father Gino Rigoldi, chaplain of the Minors Criminal Institute Beccaria, Founder and President of non-profit charity Comunità Nuova

Associations and institutions

Associazione Filosofi lungo l’Oglio
Associazione Puecher
Associazione Senza confini
Bene Rwanda
Centro di Cultura Ceco, Milano
Centro Asteria
Comitato Amici del Tempio Civico di Sant’Anna, Busto Arsizio Comunità di Sant’Egidio
Comunità Ebraica di Milano
Centro missionario Pime Milano
Comunità Nuova
Fondazione Giorgio Perlasca
Fondazione Memoriale della Shoah di Milano
Fondazione Umberto Veronesi
Provincia di Milano
Società Operaia di mutuo soccorso “Roma intangibile”, Bisceglie (BT) Unione degli Armeni d’Italia

21 February 2014

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