Righteous and moral resistance in Europe

debate and presentation of the We For Website

Logo of WeFor

Logo of WeFor

27 September 2010, 5.30 p.m.
Fondazione Corriere della Sera - Buzzati room
via Balzan, 3 Milan (MM Moscova)

The video of the debate on

The Gardens of the Righteous. Moral resistance against totalitarianism in Europe

Meeting to present the Website upon conclusion of the European Project WE FOR – Web European Forest Righteous. The Righteous against totalitarianism. European identity and conscience on the Web.

Reflections and further insights

Svetlana Broz, Tito’s granddaughter and author of the book Good people in an evil time
read the interview
Konstanty Gebert, journalist and exponent of Solidarność
read the interview
Marek Halter, author of the book La force du bien and of the documentary film The Righteous
read the interview
Pietro Kuciukian, Armenian consul, creator of the Remembrance Wall in Yerevan
read the speech
Gabriele Nissim, writer, chairman of the Gardens of the Righteous Committee
read the speech
Ulianova Radice, editor of the European Project We For
read the editorial

Coordinator Antonio Ferrari, "Corriere della Sera" editorialist

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how to reach us
the event on the site of the Corriere della Sera Foundation

Web live on the Webpage of the Corriere della Sera and that of the Corriere Foundation. online from 27 September
Site realized in cooperation with Alphabeti for the graphic and technological part, with the help of the European Union within the framework of the Programme "Europe for Citizens":
- devoted to the European figures of moral resistance in the history of the Twentieth century, against Nazism, the Holocaust, the Armenian genocide, the Communist regimes of Eastern Europe;
- technologically advanced (virtual reality, interactivity);
- with teaching suggestions for teachers and pupils;
- English and Italian version.

The site contains:
Virtual Righteous Gardens (Thessaloniki, Sofia, Warsaw)
Real Righteous Gardens (Milan, Yerevan, the Sarajevo project)
Teaching sections (Participate through You For)
Further insights
Original documents, photogalleries, videos is dynamic and interactive, it enables users to send contributions, insert dedications, receive updates, communicate with other users.
We For Gardens will grow thanks to the visitors’ participation.

Free admission only upon booking
+39 02 87387707
[email protected]

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