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Gariwo celebrates the World Press Freedom Day

On the occasion of 2021 World Press Freedom Day, themed "Information as a Public Good", Gariwo organized a guided tour of Milan's Garden of the Righteous Worldwide with journalists and editors in chief of the main Italian newspapers and media outlets, as well as the representatives of the foreign press in Italy.

Kiev, Capital of European Memory

I couldn't find a better image to describe the crisis of today's Europe, its unresolved contradictions. Fractures that were thought to be buried with the end of the Second World War, and that re-emerge today in all their ferocity, here as in the Caucasus. Contradictions ignored, with obstinate blindness, even by many in Brussels and in our governments.

The Jerusalem Post on Gariwo and the Universal Value of the Righteous

In Israel, we should pay great attention to a cultural movement that was born in Italy and is now spreading across Europe and the rest of the world. Gabriele Nissim, an Italian Jew, created an organization called Gariwo. Gariwo universalized the notion of the Righteous among the Nations – originated in Yad Vashem to honor those who saved the life of a Jew – by uniting Jews, Armenians, Rwandans, Bosnians, and the survivors of other genocides. With Gariwo, the memory of the Righteous gains double significance, becoming both Jewish and universal.

Defeating Auschwitz: the example of Albert Bourla and Liliana Segre

What is the most radical response to the extreme evil suffered by the Jews and humanity during Nazism? To imagine a future that breaks down barriers, walls, prejudices, and reconciles the divisions between people, turning the sharing of a common destiny into a drive to face every new challenge together.

Hungarian activist Sebő Gábor awarded with 2021 Mária Ember prize

The Hungarian civil activist Sebő Gábor, founder of the civil memorial "Freedom Stage" in Budapest, won the 2021 Mária Ember award, a press release from the Raoul Wallenberg Association announced on Saturday. The award is given annually to those who combat racism, fight for human rights, and contribute to the knowledge of the Shoah as part of Hungary’s history and culture.

The universal value of the Righteous and the fight against anti-Semitism

Remembering the Righteous of the Shoah is central to Gariwo, which was the first to introduce a new concept in the narration of genocides. That is, the remembrance of rescuers and opponents as moral exemplars for humanity's future in the fight against anti-Semitism and all forms of hate that could reawaken the vast abyss of evil unprecedently described in Primo Levi's The Drowned and The Saved.


Remember the past in order to build a future

The International Committee of the Armenian Righteous. Memory is the Future was founded by Piero Kuciukian in order to commemorate those who went against the genocide of 1915. The title emphasises the function of the memory, which is not a nostalgic look back in history, but a a clear sense of the past to build a future without making old mistakes.
The memory has many solutions and presents conflicting results, either positive or negative depending on how it is treated. Reflections on the previous events help us to understand the present, which means to search for the coordinates that allow us to interpret new situations with awareness of the dangers or opportunities that are triggered by certain mechanisms such as cultural, social and individual. The experience of the genocides of the twentieth century, the phenomenon of totalitarianism, resulted in the devastating world war, the balance of power during the Cold War, provide very precise indications on the geopolitical hegemony and humanitarian frifts to be avoided, while the example of the Righteous, their varied efforts on behalf of the persecuted, the demand for freedom, independence of thought and the instance of the defense of human dignity, are to be taken to avoid the pitfalls of arrogance, denial of truth, the rejection of diversity, closing the other, unilateral decision.

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Theatrical show based on Gabriele Nissim's books

Il Memorioso. Short guide to the memory of Good

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Carlo Bianchi

he dedicated his life helping those in need, saving the Sonnino-Shapira Jewish family from persecution