Boualem Sansal and David Grossman together in Strasbourg

for peace in the Mid-East

Logo of the Strasbourg forum

Logo of the Strasbourg forum

The Arab author of Rue Darwin and the Israeli who wrote Someone to run with met last Saturday at the World Forum for Democracy held by the Council of Europe. 

Artists who don't let themselves be changed by the world

Grossman introduced his speech by saying:: "Of course we are naïf. We are aware of being naïf, we have chosen it. I don't know if I manage to change the world, but certainly the world won't change me. I don't surrender to war". 

Sansal, who last March went to Israel stirring the anger of the Arab ambassadors who upheld his prize "for the best Arab novel", explained: "David and I can do something to change the mentality of the people. Antisemitism and Holocaust denial are as spread as 50 years ago if not more, and someone must denounce it". Today the Algerian receives death threats for his commitment in favour of the Israeli-Palestinian peace. 

Grossman in this was lost a son. Sansal is treated like a traitor in his homecountry. 

L'ONU degli scrittori

Face the stalemate of the peace negotiations between Netanyahu and Abbas, in the city symbol of Franco-German reconciliation they launched a "World union of writers for peace", a kind of a UNO of the writers. 

Every year this organization will appoint a secretary and nominate working groups about the different areas of crisis in the world, from Syria to Mali through, of course, the crisis in Cisjordan, Gaza and in the Israeli towns shelled with the kassam rockets. 

12 October 2012

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