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Senseless Goodness - the secret of the Righteous, second reprint

Presentation of Gabriele Nissim's new book La bontà insensata. Il segreto degli uomini giusti (Senseless Goodness. The secret of the Righteous), published by Mondadori, for Holocaust Remembrance Day. 

Mexico, poet Susana Chavez killed - she was a women's rights activist

The artist had coined the expression "Not One More Death" to tru and stop the killings of women who has going on for years in Ciudad Juarez. Amnesty International called for an investigation on her murder.

Parastou Forouhar's butterflies in Turin - art against the Iranian regime

The art gallery "Verso Arte contemporanea" features the exhibition He kills me, he kills me not by Parastou Forouhar. Her artpieces deal with freedom of thought, the fight for women's rights, and the dictatorship. The artist's parents were two political opponents savagely murdered by the regime.

Herta Müller Nobel Prize for literature - she recounted the dictatorship in Romania

The honor was given for her commitment to report the scourge of oppression and totalitarianism. The writer had fled to Germany during Ceaușescu's regime. Her best-known work is The Land of Green Plums.

Moshe Bejski in the Italian Parlament - Presentation of the Gabriele Nissim’s book

Rome, Italy, 27 February 2003, Chamber of Deputies. Presentation of Gabriele Nissim’s book "Il Tribunale del Bene. La storia di Moshe Bejski, l’uomo che creò il Giardino dei Giusti". Discussion with the author and with Moshe Bejski, the man who for 25 years chaired the Yad Vashem Commission of the Righteous


Literature, cinema and visual art

The only forms of human communication capable of expressing the inexpressible.

The most transverse to talk about good and evil.

The universal way to convey the memory.


Concert for the Righteous in Warsaw

to support EU Day of the Righteous

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