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The theatre of good memories. Students onstage

For Holocaust Remembrance Day, on Thursday 24 January 2013, Gariwo organizes theatrical show Four tableaux for four Righteous, in cooperation with cultural association Ser Tea Zeit. Students come on stage to give life to Fridjof Nansen, Dimitar Peshev, Samir Kassir and Václav Havel. the Righteous whom Milan will honour on 6 March by planting trees and unveiling memorial stones. 

Sansal and Grossman together for peace

The Israeli writer and his Arab fellow have launched in Strasbourg a call for peace in the Mid-East. The former lost a son in Lebanon, the other is treated like a traitor in his homecountry. Now they propose a "UNO of writers", where intellectuals take in charge the world's issues. 

IBM and the Holocaust

Famous US actor Brad Pitt to produce movie about the deal between the hi-tech company and Nazi Germany to develop system to identify and kill the European Jews. Many firms collaborated in the Holocaust, some of them apologised. 

The Great Dictator - Chaplin defies Hitler, with irony

Charlie Chaplin was born in London on 16 April 1889. He was an actor, director and screenwright, and he shot over 90 movies. We remember him with one of the most famous ones, The Great Dictator.

Being artists in China - among repression and compromise with the regime

The famous architect Ai Weiwei is detained following the crackdown which has been unleashed since the beginning of unrest in the Mideast.The New York Times devotes him a special feature while addressing a vitriolic editorial to singer Bob Dylan, who accepted to play before the Chinese authorities.

If a novel's Jew scares the Arab world - article by Valentina Colombo

Last year the Yemeni writer Ali al-Muqri published his new novel with one of the most important publishers in the Arab world, the Lebanese Dar al-Saqi, but it seems that with his last novel he did something wrong: he put a handsome Jew center stage.


Literature, cinema and visual art

The only forms of human communication capable of expressing the inexpressible.

The most transverse to talk about good and evil.

The universal way to convey the memory.