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Who destroys memory, can dominate the future

Museums and Monuments, when evocative and in good conditions, are powerful weapons against those who have carefully planned to demolish the beauty, to kill and eliminate any example of human and cultural sharing, to erase the memory of our society, composed by many aspects, cultures, realities.

My Peppino Impastato

"When I starred as Peppino Impastato in his childhood, I was unaware of the responsibility and deep significance of his tale". Testimony by Lorenzo Randazzo, the actor who stars as young Peppino in I cento passi by M.T. Giordana

A culture of Peace to unify Syria

Heritage for Peace is an organization focused on the support of Syrian people in their struggles for protection and safeguard of the country cultural heritage. The project was developed after the idea of Isber Sabrine: together we talked about Palmyra, the link between culture and identity and his work for Heritage for Peace.

When art transmits memory

Francine Mayran, painter, ceramist and psychiatrist from Strasbourg, "born after World War II", expert at the Council of Europe, created portraits of the Righteous in the Holocaust and other genocide cases. In her opinion, all rivalry should be rejected in the name of a shared transmission of memory against indifference. 

The Frailty of Good

Monday 18 May Meeting La fragilità del Bene (The frailty of Good), to celebrate the publication of Gabriele Nissim’s recent book La Lettera a Hitler. Storia di Armin T. Wegner, combattente solitario contro i genocidi del Novecento (The Letter to Hitler. Tale of Armin T. Wegner, lonely fighter against genocide cases of the Twentieth Century. Publishing house Mondadori), dedicated to the German writer, witness to the key events of the 20th century.

The army of Syrian art

Heritage for Peace organization is committed to the support of Syrian people’s efforts to protect and safeguard the country cultural assets, seriously threatened by the conflict and the jihadists’ attacks.


Literature, cinema and visual art

The only forms of human communication capable of expressing the inexpressible.

The most transverse to talk about good and evil.

The universal way to convey the memory.


A lady in number 6

music saved my life

Featured story

Arturo Toscanini

genius of music, patriot and rebel