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The Frailty of Good

Monday 18 May Meeting La fragilità del Bene (The frailty of Good), to celebrate the publication of Gabriele Nissim’s recent book La Lettera a Hitler. Storia di Armin T. Wegner, combattente solitario contro i genocidi del Novecento (The Letter to Hitler. Tale of Armin T. Wegner, lonely fighter against genocide cases of the Twentieth Century. Publishing house Mondadori), dedicated to the German writer, witness to the key events of the 20th century.

The army of Syrian art

Heritage for Peace organization is committed to the support of Syrian people’s efforts to protect and safeguard the country cultural assets, seriously threatened by the conflict and the jihadists’ attacks.

On the bride's side

Interview with Gabriele Del Grande, the journalist behind the blog Fortress Europe and director of the movie Io sto con la sposa, now screened in Dubai. Del Grande followed a group migrants on their route from Lampedusa to Northern Europe through many situations including a simulated wedding. 

Italy's "forgotten heroes"

The tales of cycling champion Gino Bartali, cardinal Elia Della Costa, surgeon Giovanni Borromeo and many other Italians who during World War Two risked their lives to rescue the Jews are told in the movie My Italian Secret. The forgotten heroes which opened the Rome Film Festival on 16 October.

An Arab-Jewish museum in Sakhnin, Galilee

The new museum in Sakhnin is created by the Romanian artist Belu-Simion Fainaru and Avital Bar-Shay (Israeli architect and designer) together with the Sakhnin municipality and the Arab Museum of Contemporary Art and Heritage, it will promote dialogue and cooperation between Arab and Jewish artists.

Human Rights Watch Film Festival – New York

Human Rights watch, an organization dedicated to preserving human rights, holds an annual film festival. It celebrates the progress of the work that has been done, as well as highlights what issues society still faces. It gives filmmakers and artists around the world the ability to showcase their talent through the lens of Human Rights.


Literature, cinema and visual art

The only forms of human communication capable of expressing the inexpressible.

The most transverse to talk about good and evil.

The universal way to convey the memory.


A lady in number 6

music saved my life

Featured story

Arturo Toscanini

genius of music, patriot and rebel