4 days of guided tours to Milan Garden of the Righteous

for the project "Adopt a Righteous"

Children laid flowers and dedications near the stones dedicated to the Righteous

Children laid flowers and dedications near the stones dedicated to the Righteous

"Thanks for defending all the people who had to undergo Hitler's mistreatment.. thank you for fighting for the justice of all of us..."

"Thank you for donating a smile to all Jews and deportees"

"To Armin Wegner: thank you, I appreciate you for all you have done. You are very brave and you deserve much"

"This rose is for every Righteous who struggled against every discrimination"

These are only a few thoughts by the over 400 students of the middle and high schools of Milan and the hinterland who took part in the guided tours to the Garden of the Righteous of Monte Stella Hill, organized by Gariwo's Teaching Commission.

During the meetings, every class presented an exemplary figure chosen among those honoured at the Milan Garden of the Righteous after studying his or her story in human and historical terms within the classroom, through writings and documents. The students' presentations, accompanied by brief thoughts laid near the memorial stones dedicated to the Righteous with flowers or drawings, alternated with the readings by theatre producer Francesco Di Maggio of Association Ser-tea-zeit and some young actors.

This initiative comes within the teaching project "Adopt a Righteous" and represents a step of the in-depth study teaching path about the "memory of Good" that will be crowned by the ceremony of dedication of new trees on next 6 March, European Day of the Righteous

Our goal is to stimulate young people to reflect about personal responsibility also through the "physical" experience of meeting with the trees and the memorial stones dedicated to the Righteous in the Garden, which is conceived as a space for dialogue, encounter and active participation

Among the Righteous who met the preference of students we can mention Armin T. Wegner, Sophie Scholl, Anna Politkovskaja, Yolande Mukagasana, Svetlana Broz, Moshe Bejski, Václav Havel, Primo Levi and Romeo Dallaire.

23 January 2014

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