We cannot be silent anymore

Muslims who resist are our best friends

The recent cover of "Charlie Hebdo"

The recent cover of "Charlie Hebdo"

The massacre against the editorial board of Charlie Hebdo in Paris is a new 9/11. Islamic fundamentalism with its trail of savagery wants to compel us to a moral surrender. Terrorists sent us a clear and loud message: "You Western democrats have no right to think, criticize, express your views, be satyrical, but you have to adapt to our ideological project. Otherwise other attacks will follow in Europe. You must become like those French people who during the republic of Vichy adapted to Nazism, during Nazi occupation. Be silent and we will ensure you can live in peace.”

Unfortunately over the recent years too many people have pretended not to see the swelling wave of fundamentalism and did not realized that after Nazism, Communism, Islamic Fundamentalism is today the new ideology that theorizes the elimination of huma n beings in the name of the construction of a society ruled by savage laws that hide themselves behind Islam.

Too many people have thought that fundamentalism arose from the guilt of the West after Bush' stupid war in Iraq, or because of the shortsightedness of Netanyahu in Israel, or that it was a wrong answer to a need of emancipation.

Too many people in the past years have lost their ability to feel outrage face the beheadings of journalists, the hundreds thousands deaths caused by terror attacks, the humiliations inflicted to the women who refused the Sharia.

Hence, how to defeat this threat against the human condition and our democratic attainments?

There is only one way: an alliance between us and the best forces of the Arab and Muslim world.

In fact, without a moral and political mobilization stemming from inside the Muslim world, with clear and explicit stances, this struggle will never be won.

Fundamentalists are thus the first enemies of the Islam that they say they represent.

Our association, Gariwo, wishes to help win this difficult struggle.

We invite all City Halls, associations and schools that created gardens of the Righteous, to remember with a tree those who fight for freedom and human dignity in the muslim world against the havoc of fundamentalism.

We will do on 6 March on the European Day of the Righteous at the Garden of the Righteous of Milan.

The resisting Muslims are our best friends.

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