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Our humanity against terror

By Gabriele Nissim

The airport of Istanbul the morning of the attack

The airport of Istanbul the morning of the attack

Fundamentalist and totalitarian terrorists are like the Nazis. They are happy when they murder. Their plan is to divide the humanity. Those who are not like them have no right to live. They want to spread panic among the people to carry out their plan.

We must create a great alliance among all Democrats – Europeans, Arabs, Jews, Muslims, believers, atheistic, all the people of good will and good at heart – in order to defeat them. It will be a very long struggle because they are not just a bunch of madmen, but they have given rise to a thought and philosophy that draw many followers. There are many young people who believe in their madness, as there were many youths who believed in Nazism. We must do a great work of education not to give room to their thought. People today are so scared because there is no clear and shared policy to defeat them. If politics falls short of calling this new enemy of the humanity by its name (murderous and totalitarian fundamentalism) and showing our unity, there will be room for all those who want to create walls and fences and refuse sharing and dialogue among cultures. When I was a boy I was proud to say loud I was an anti-fascist and I struggled for freedom and against anti-Semitism. We, too today must be proud and resolute at saying we are united against these enemies of beauty, love, happiness, the taste of life and the pleasure of friendship. We will defeat them for a very simple reason: we love humanity.

Today, after the dreadful attack that hit Turkey – more and more fragile a country, run as it is by such a leader as Erdogan, who with his liberticidal laws and his ambiguities in all his International relations has paved the way to the raids of the ISIS terrorists – we must undertake new courses of political thought and actions, bravely and resolutely. There are moments, in which those who love freedom and democracy must have the strength to put themselves in play and support all those, who today in the world are committed to resisting to fundamentalism.

This is why the initiative we are going to hold in Tunis with the Italian Embassy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Peace Nobel Laureate Ben Moussa has a great moral and political value.
On 15 July we will inaugurate the first Garden of the Righteous in an Arab country, to honor Khaled al Asaad, Hamadi Abdesslem, Mohamed Bouazizi, and Khaled Abdul Wahab.

These are Arabs and Muslim Righteous who during these dire circumstances have given us much hope. Together with people like them it is possible to defeat the new radical evil that threatens the humanity.

Gabriele Nissim, Gariwo chairman

Analysis by Gabriele Nissim, Gariwo chairman

30 June 2016

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