Education and love against hatred

by Mohamed Naceur (Hamadi) ben Abdesslem

My name is Hamadi, I am a Tunisian Muslim Arab. My tourist guide job led me to meet people from all over the world, of different faiths, who speak different languages. My land, Tunisia, is a land of acceptance, civilization, the cradle of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths.

The day of the attack during the Bardo Museum, 18 March 2015, has changed my life. Fate wanted me to face terrorism by saving the 45 Italians of the group I was leading. I will never forget about the anguish I experienced during the attack and while we were getting out of the Museum.

I was overwhelmed by more emotion when I was contacted by Gariwo, but this time it was a joyful kind of emotion. We then established a sound and good relationship, with this association that has honoured me as an Arab Righteous. It is thanks to Gariwo's great humanitarian role that I am here today before you and I can tell you “assalemou aleikom”. my brothers and sister. We belong to the same big family, the descendants of Adam and Eve, and we have only one God, Who invites us to go ahead with science and progress. We have not chosen the colour of our skin, our religion, our language and our country, all the things that make us different.

Ignorance and the lack of culture pave the way to the political manipulation of populations. And this is a warning signal of the development of fundamentalism.

The struggle against Islamic terror, if if want to call it this way, is first of all a matter of culture and mentality. Every religion has its history and interpretations vary according to one's own beliefs.

The biggest mistake one can commit against one people is to deprive it from the freedom to discern Good and Evil by itself.

Accepting, understanding, helping the other, respecting his traditions and mores, is part of the solution to be able to live together.

Living together and getting as close to the others as possible is the pathway that Gariwo proposes, the pathway of the Righteous. God is love and we all living on this planet must love each other. All faiths that enable us to live in peace and mercy will help us destroy terrorism. Wassalem.

Hamadi ben Abdesslem

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14 February 2017

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