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Death should not be measured by numbers

Regina Catrambone, founder of MOAS

12 May 2017

If History repeats itself by Konstanty Gebert

Konstanty Gebert, journalist and Solidarity exponent

7 April 2017

Emotion Europe

Ferruccio De Bortoli, journalist, former Editor-in-Chief of Corriere della Sera

6 April 2017

Europe is necessary, but this does not mean it is possible, as well

Massimo Cacciari, philosopher and former mayor of Venice

30 March 2017

Why fear Raif Badawi?

Riccardo Noury, Spokesperson Amnesty International Italia

14 March 2017

Etty Hillesum: Every atom of hatred that we add to the world makes it inhospitable

Klaas Smelik, director Etty Hillesum Research Center

14 March 2017

The Memory of the Polish Righteous

Piotr Jacubowski, director History Meeting House,, Warssw

14 March 2017

Ants and Cicadas

Pinar Selek, sociologist and minority rights activist

14 March 2017

The Humanity Must Grow Up

Lassana Bathily

14 March 2017

Gariwo, the gardens of the Righteous

a non-profit organization in the service of memory

Gariwo's aim is to heighten awareness and interest in the figures and the tales of the Righteous, women and men who fought and are still fighting in defense of human dignity. 
It has been active since 1999 but it was officially set up in 2001 as Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide Committee-Gariwo and in 2009 it became a non-profit organization. It is chaired by Gabriele Nissim.

In 2003 was born the Garden of the Righteous worldwide at Monte Stella Hill in Milan, which since 2008 is run by the Association for the Garden of the Righteous - formed by Gariwo, the Municipality of Milan and the Union of Italian Jewish Communities.

In 2012, after Gariwo's call, the European Parliament established the European Day of the Righteous - 6 March. In 2017 Italy has been the first country to recognize this recurrence as a civil feast, establishing the Day of the Righteous of the Humanity.

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