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January comes with two new books available in stores

by Agnes Grunwald-Spier and Yair Auron

We are pleased to starting this new year reporting the new publications of our two collaborators and friends Agnes Grunwald-Spier and Yair Auron.

“Women’s Experience in the Holocaust: in their own words” by the author and historian Agnes Grunwald-Spier is the moving and detailed portrait of the several difficulties women had faced during the Nazi persecution - told by a Holocaust survivor, and based on diaries and memories. This book - available in stores since January 15th - brings to life women’s experience in the most terrible circumstances, underlining how they have been able to cope with strange new roles and take care of their families. Despite men were taken away from them, women have been indeed able to deal not only with their physical needs, but also with feeding those in their care and with medical issues. The book includes the diary of Rosina Sorani who was the secretary of the Rome synagogue when it was looted in October 1943.

Rescuers 1929 - Rescue Stories of Jews and Palestinians in Hebron is the new book by Yair Auron - Israeli historian, Professor at the Open University in Israel - published on January 10th, and presented in his presence to a symposium which took place at the spiritual center in Neve Shalom Wahat Al Salam. On that occasion there were Rachel Admoni Schneerson, a descendant of a family of survivors, Shai Weinapel, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Geography at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Maram Masarwa, Dean of the Faculty of Education at Al-Qasemi College, Ashraf Eid al-Ajrami, member of the Palestinian Committee for Interaction with the Israeli Society on behalf of the PLO, Hillel Cohen, a member of the Department of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at the Hebrew University and Orit Friedland, literary editor of the book.

Enjoy your reading!

22 January 2018

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Remember the past in order to build a future

The International Committee of the Armenian Righteous. Memory is the Future was founded by Piero Kuciukian in order to commemorate those who went against the genocide of 1915. The title emphasises the function of the memory, which is not a nostalgic look back in history, but a a clear sense of the past to build a future without making old mistakes.
The memory has many solutions and presents conflicting results, either positive or negative depending on how it is treated. Reflections on the previous events help us to understand the present, which means to search for the coordinates that allow us to interpret new situations with awareness of the dangers or opportunities that are triggered by certain mechanisms such as cultural, social and individual. The experience of the genocides of the twentieth century, the phenomenon of totalitarianism, resulted in the devastating world war, the balance of power during the Cold War, provide very precise indications on the geopolitical hegemony and humanitarian frifts to be avoided, while the example of the Righteous, their varied efforts on behalf of the persecuted, the demand for freedom, independence of thought and the instance of the defense of human dignity, are to be taken to avoid the pitfalls of arrogance, denial of truth, the rejection of diversity, closing the other, unilateral decision.

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