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Israel dedicates a square - to Dimitar Peshev

Ceremony in the presence of the mayor of Tel Aviv Ron Huldai and of the president of Bulgaria Georgi Parabanov to commemorate Dimitar Peshev who rescued Bulgarian Jews (the main character in Gabriele Nissim’s book L'uomo che fermò Hitler - Mondadori).

Memorial stone - in San Petersburg for the Italians persecuted by Stalin

29 June 2007, at the Levashovo Memorial Cemetery, ceremony with relatives of the victims and Italian and Russian delegates and authorities

Srebrenica - for Memory

27 August–1 September 2007, International Week of Dialogue dedicated to remembering will take place in Srebrenica.

Testimony of the Righteous in the World - Seminar in Padua, Italy

29 November 2001, Padua University: Testimony and debate. Jovan Divjak and Ayse Nur Zarakolu receive the "Padova per i Giusti" and the "Giusti per gli Armeni" awards

Good People in an Evil Time - Milan, Italy, 2 May 2001

Svetlana Broz, a grandchild of Yosip Broz Tito, talks about her book "Good People in an Evil Time" with Nicole Janigro, Gabriele Nissim and Massimo Parizzi.
9pm, Libreria Tikkun, Via Montevideo, 0289420435


Remember the past in order to build a future

The International Committee of the Armenian Righteous. Memory is the Future was founded by Piero Kuciukian in order to commemorate those who went against the genocide of 1915. The title emphasises the function of the memory, which is not a nostalgic look back in history, but a a clear sense of the past to build a future without making old mistakes.
The memory has many solutions and presents conflicting results, either positive or negative depending on how it is treated. Reflections on the previous events help us to understand the present, which means to search for the coordinates that allow us to interpret new situations with awareness of the dangers or opportunities that are triggered by certain mechanisms such as cultural, social and individual. The experience of the genocides of the twentieth century, the phenomenon of totalitarianism, resulted in the devastating world war, the balance of power during the Cold War, provide very precise indications on the geopolitical hegemony and humanitarian frifts to be avoided, while the example of the Righteous, their varied efforts on behalf of the persecuted, the demand for freedom, independence of thought and the instance of the defense of human dignity, are to be taken to avoid the pitfalls of arrogance, denial of truth, the rejection of diversity, closing the other, unilateral decision.

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Theatrical show based on Gabriele Nissim's books

Il Memorioso. Short guide to the memory of Good