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Exemplary 20th Century figures

Auschwitz and Kolyma never again

The poster of the conference

The poster of the conference

17/18 April 2008
Bologna, Auditorium Regione Emilia Romagna
International conference

Organized by the "Storia e Memoria" school network, in cooperation with the Committee for the Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide.

With the participation of:
- Anatolij Razumov, (Levashovo “Names restored” Centre -S. Petersburg)
- Piotr Kloczowski (Polish essayist)
- Adriano Dell’Asta (Milan’s Catholic University)
- Gabriele Nissim (Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide and author of Una bambina contro Stalin)
- Antonia Grasselli ( “Storia e Memoria” network)

Conclusions by:
- Sante Maletta (University of Calabria)
- Jolanta Ambrosewicz-Jacobs (University of Cracow)

17 April 2008

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