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Exemplary 20th Century figures - Auschwitz and Kolyma never again

International conference, Bologna, 17/18 April 2008, Auditorium Regione Emilia Romagna.
Organized by the "Storia e Memoria" school network, in cooperation with the Committee for the Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide

Testimony of the Righteous in the World - Seminar in Padua, Italy

29 November 2001, Padua University: Testimony and debate. Jovan Divjak and Ayse Nur Zarakolu receive the "Padova per i Giusti" and the "Giusti per gli Armeni" awards

There is Always an Option to say "Yes" or "No" - The Righteous Against the Genocides of Armenians and Jews

International Conference in Padua, Italy from 30 November – 1 December 2000 at 
Padua University, Sala dei Giganti.


the Wefor-based teaching for keeping memory

Spreading the knowledge of the Righteous among young people is one of the main objectives of Gariwo. The most effective vehicle is keeping a tight relationship with schools, through teachers ready to be engaged with current issues in the formation of civil and moral conscience of the younger generation ...  Individual and collective memory is a fundamental element in the education of young people and a powerful tool in the hands of educators: that is why we talk about the educational memory as a tool of the construction of an identity.
Gariwo has been developing with educators, teachers, academics, intellectuals and associations, both in Italy and abroad, exchanging experiences, information and data processing, to be available to all operators of the training, in the form of educational projects, reflections, relationships, theoretical references, bibliography and news from the world of education ...
To indicate the Righteous as landmarks of European consciousness, with the project WEFOR we created the virtual teaching of Gardens in Europe, where the trees are planted for the Righteous from different countries; the entire section is devoted  to schools, with the title YouFor, in which the materials for teachers, the contributions of classes, processed and student research, as well as an extensive collection of media analysis are collected.

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Dimitrios Papadimoulis for GariwoNetwork

for the Second edition at Frigoriferi Milanesi