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Wallenberg Foundation a guest of Gariwo's

Baruch Tenembaum, the creator of International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, met with Gariwo in Milan. They discussed their common goals of honoring the Righteous in genocide cases and also the term Righteous, for which purpose people shall use it and the different meaning nuances that it takes depending on translation. 

Israel honours Janusz Korczak

The Righteous among the nations mentioned also in Gabriele Nissim's Senseless Goodness should not be remembered only for following his little pupils into the gas chambers of Treblinka, but also for a 40-year long career spent at defending human dignity and anticipating modern children's rights. 

International workshop of landscape planning

30 young architects are called to a fascinating challenge: rethinking the room of the Garden of the Righteous Worldwide on the Monte Stella hill in MIlan (Italy), by taking part in the international workshop which will take place from 13 to 21 September 2012.

The Righteous Gardens - the speeches at the debate to present We For

The We For site was created with the aim of remembering the figures of moral resistance against totalitarianism in Twentieth century Europe and allows users to virtually visit Gardens of the Righteous.

Individual choices change history - the struggle of "Facing History" for critical thought

Fighting racism, bigotry and genocide with the weapons of education is possible. The way is shown by the new video produced by Facing History and Ourselves, an association struggling to raise the young people's sense of responsibility through teaching.

We(l)come to read - Gariwo's reviews

We invite you to read some of Gariwo's recommended publications. Here you will find book reviews of Daniel Goldhagen's book Worse than war, Sergej P. Mel'gunov's essay Red Terror in Russia, and Irène Némirovsky's book French suite.


the Wefor-based teaching for keeping memory

Spreading the knowledge of the Righteous among young people is one of the main objectives of Gariwo. The most effective vehicle is keeping a tight relationship with schools, through teachers ready to be engaged with current issues in the formation of civil and moral conscience of the younger generation ...  Individual and collective memory is a fundamental element in the education of young people and a powerful tool in the hands of educators: that is why we talk about the educational memory as a tool of the construction of an identity.
Gariwo has been developing with educators, teachers, academics, intellectuals and associations, both in Italy and abroad, exchanging experiences, information and data processing, to be available to all operators of the training, in the form of educational projects, reflections, relationships, theoretical references, bibliography and news from the world of education ...
To indicate the Righteous as landmarks of European consciousness, with the project WEFOR we created the virtual teaching of Gardens in Europe, where the trees are planted for the Righteous from different countries; the entire section is devoted  to schools, with the title YouFor, in which the materials for teachers, the contributions of classes, processed and student research, as well as an extensive collection of media analysis are collected.

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Dimitrios Papadimoulis for GariwoNetwork

for the Second edition at Frigoriferi Milanesi