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Racisms 2.0

Journalist Stefano Pasta currently holds a Research Grant at CREMIT (Research Center on Education for Media in Information and Technology), directed by Pier Cesare Rivoltella, and works with the Centro di ricerca sulle relazioni interculturali (Research Center on Intercultural Relations), run by Milena Santerini – both of the Catholic University of Sacred Heart of Milan. With him we have talked about his new book "Razzismi 2.0. Analisi socio-educativa dell’odio online", published by Morcelliana, Scholé. This is what he told us.

Why the United States needs to commemorate the Righteous of the world

At some point the chain reaction of moral elevation resulting from the experiences of the Gardens might lead to the United States joining Europe in recognizing March 6th, the anniversary of Moshe Bejski’s death in 2007, as a day when people can celebrate all of the Righteous of the world, and help transform the current "European Day of the Righteous" into a "Worldwide Day of the Righteous".

Farewell to Ulia

Ulianova Radice, director of Gariwo, died in Milan on October 15 at the age of 64. Philosopher, founder of Gariwo together with Gabriele Nissim, Pietro Kuciukian and Anna Maria Samuelli, always committed to spreading the stories and values of the Righteous. We will say farewell to Ulia at the Garden of the Righteous in Milan on Friday October 19 at 10.30.

Hatred, indifference, intolerance

As early as in 2007, I devised and edited a book entitled as L’odio. Irreparabile? (Hate. Irreparable?). Taking it up again today, I was really struck by two things: the extreme topicality of the issues it dealt with and, above all, the observation that hatred has nearly become a dominating value. By Nadia Neri

Let’s look at the world from a drone to counter the culture of the enemy

What will the Gardens of the Righteous that we are building with enthusiasm all over Italy, Europe and on the shores of the Mediterranean, be like in the next years? Will they become a place of collective growth of the society, showing the examples set by the best people who believed in the future of humanity, or will they tell us about tales of people who have acted according to values, which were different – and even opposite – values to those we see emerge in today’s world?

Doing good, not out of self-sacrifice. Conversation with Massimo Recalcati

Massimo Recalcati, in his latest book, "Contro il sacrificio" (against sacrifice), clearly explains the function of the psychoanalyst and the educator towards the people affected by distortions of personality, unable to live their life peacefully and to listen to the law of their desire and crushed by the inhibitions of their super-ego.

Cultural dialogue with the world

Visions and awareness

Gariwo, the Garden of the Righteous, has been working on the concept of the Righteous for many years, with the goal of spreading the awareness of the importance of exemplary figures, those who show how to build a future of peaceful coexistence. This is important especially for the young people, who look for reference points to which they can relate the fundamental choices of life.
In recent years the interest towards the Righteous has greatly increased and this paradigm of moral resistance is essential for the development of collective consciousness on major ethical issues of our time.
We believe that the involvemnet of youth, the school operators, the academic, intellectual, artistic, media and public  and private institutionsm is crucial to maintain and strengthen the cultural orientation, which takes this direction.

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