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A-Series and FIGC with Gariwo to mark Day of the Righteous of the Humanity

The A-Series and the Italian Football League support the Day of the Righteous of the Humanity of 6 March, welcoming the invitation of Gariwo, the forest of the Righteous, to take part in the hundreds of initiatives held all over Italy to mark this Day, which is recognized by the Italian Parliament as a civil feast.

Questions about memory

Today, public remembrance is facing other challenges, as we have seen recently in Italy. We talk about the Nazi past but try to separate it from the current history of the country. An answer to this all came from Liliana Segre, when she remembered that we should not compare the Racist Laws to what is happening today, but that the mechanisms of indifference are very similar. The Senator has talked in the spirit of Primo Levi: we forget and repress the past only when we do not look at the present.

Istvan Bibo, the greatest Hungarian democracy fighter

István Bibó has been the greatest democratic thinker of the Twentieth Century. Jurist, political scientist, essayist, scholar specialised in the problems of democracy in Hungary and Central Europe, was a free spirit who anticipated in his essays the subject of human, ethnic and social rights in Hungary.

Simone Veil at the European Parliament

On 17 July 1979, during the first session of the first directly-elected European Parliament, Simone Veil, the newly-elected President of the European Parliament, delivers a speech which throws the spotlight on the Parliament’s role as the driving force in the quest for European integration.

Simone Veil honoured with Pantheon burial

"And when she decided to be a testimony of her deportation, it was first to pay homage to the Righteous of France. She rose against those who portrayed a France won by the antisemitic delusions of HITLER, PETAIN and LAVAL, to recall the incredible and spontaneous courage of those French families who, at the risk of their lives, had hidden Jews children, saving them from persecution and an atrocious death", by Emmanuel Macron. 

Conversation with Gyorgy Litvan on Istvan Bibo

Following we repropose some passages of the conversation that Gariwo Chairman Mr Gabriele Nissim had in 1999 in Budapest with Gyorgy Litvan, a Hungarian historian, friend and fellow inmate of Istvan Bibo. They deliver us the portrait of a man, Bibo, of great intelligence and moral strength, "the very embodiment of conscience".

Cultural dialogue with the world

Visions and awareness

Gariwo, the Garden of the Righteous, has been working on the concept of the Righteous for many years, with the goal of spreading the awareness of the importance of exemplary figures, those who show how to build a future of peaceful coexistence. This is important especially for the young people, who look for reference points to which they can relate the fundamental choices of life.
In recent years the interest towards the Righteous has greatly increased and this paradigm of moral resistance is essential for the development of collective consciousness on major ethical issues of our time.
We believe that the involvemnet of youth, the school operators, the academic, intellectual, artistic, media and public  and private institutionsm is crucial to maintain and strengthen the cultural orientation, which takes this direction.

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