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The Garden of Warsaw

Editorial by Gabriele Nissim, Chairman of Gariwo, the forest of the Righteous

Entering a garden of the Righteous provides a great deal of emotional stimuli, the most immediate one being perhaps gratitude. 

If Poland today, after a tragic history of vexations,

Playing piano for the Righteous

Within Piano City show in Milan, on 17 May Maestro Gaetano Liguori presents his concert "Piano for the Righteous", with music composed to remember the exemplary figures who risked their lives to save other people's, performing an "act of goodness".

Independence and Nakba

Israeli intellectual, former Knesset President and author of Defeating Hitler Avraham Burg assesses that Israel's Independence Day should be also an occasion to commemorate the Palestinians' expulsion or Nakba of 1948. Also to counter those who accuse Israel to practice "apartheid".

“Marine Le Pen, a non-isolated nationalist”

Interview with Patrick Cabanel, professor of Modern History at the University of Toulouse and author of book Histoire des Justes de France. He argues that the Front National has changed its image, yet remains an extremist, fiercely anti-European party. With sympathies in the left.

Women of Valor

A little more than half of those deemed the Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem are women. On this basis, the Jewish Holocaust Memorial has created an exhibition that highlights the actions of certain women in favor of the persecuted Jews.

Prime Minister of Canada recognizes European Day of the Righteous

Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, recognizes the European Day of the Righteous and thanks the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation for preserving the memory of the Righteous.

Cultural dialogue with the world

Visions and awareness

Gariwo, the Garden of the Righteous, has been working on the concept of the Righteous for many years, with the goal of spreading the awareness of the importance of exemplary figures, those who show how to build a future of peaceful coexistence. This is important especially for the young people, who look for reference points to which they can relate the fundamental choices of life.
In recent years the interest towards the Righteous has greatly increased and this paradigm of moral resistance is essential for the development of collective consciousness on major ethical issues of our time.
We believe that the involvemnet of youth, the school operators, the academic, intellectual, artistic, media and public  and private institutionsm is crucial to maintain and strengthen the cultural orientation, which takes this direction.

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In darkness

Agnieszka Holland's movie about Polish Righteous Leopold Socha who rescued the Jews by hiding them in the sewers

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Arturo Toscanini

genius of music, patriot and rebel