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Stories of invisible children. A journey from the Shoah to the present time

To celebrate Holocaust Remembrance Day, we will start from the plight of children during the Armenian genocide and the Holocaust, and we will take a look at the contemporary world to face together the delicate issue of unaccompanied minors. With the precious witness of Elżbieta Ficowska, the youngest child saved by Irena Sendler, together with Lamberto Bertolè, Gabriele Nissim, Pietro Kuciukian, Alganesh Fessaha, Father Virginio Colmegna, Salimina Hydara, Gaia Lauri.

A Partnership for Memory

On Monday, January 13th an important meeting for the international memory of the Holocaust was held at the Shoah Memorial in Milan: the official ceremony that seals, with the signing of an agreement, the partnership between the Shoah Memorials of Milan and Paris and the CDEC Foundation.

The Gardens of the Righteous make network against hatred

From today it is possible to subscribe to the Charters of Responsibilities for social media (The Web reality), sport (The good challenge) and the environment (The responsibility of a fragile planet) launched by Gariwo at the meeting of the international network of the Gardens of the Righteous, which yesterday gathered at the Palazzo delle Stelline, in Milan, representatives of 130 realities born in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.


LAMPEDUSA (AG), 3 OCTOBER At 3:30, the silence of the memory of the 368 victims was interrupted by the embrace between some survivors and Vito Fiorino, the man who saved 47 people that night with his fishing boat. Too few, compared to the huge number of names reported in the memorial New Hope, the work desired and conceived by Fiorino together with Gariwo.

The role of Gariwo: education for global responsibility

What is Gariwo's identity and which are its goals in the coming years? We discussed this topic in a stimulating meeting with our ambassadors and collaborators. To answer these questions we must first of all start from the history of Gariwo and its originality in the cultural debate. 

Holocaust Education before Comparison

"Two-thirds of Millennials (66%) cannot identify what Auschwitz was.” While frequent references to terms from the Holocaust might help to inform younger generations that something called the Holocaust happened, knowledge of what the Holocaust was has evidently often failed to extend beyond the mere repetition of a few hollow words...

Cultural dialogue with the world

Visions and awareness

Gariwo, the Garden of the Righteous, has been working on the concept of the Righteous for many years, with the goal of spreading the awareness of the importance of exemplary figures, those who show how to build a future of peaceful coexistence. This is important especially for the young people, who look for reference points to which they can relate the fundamental choices of life.
In recent years the interest towards the Righteous has greatly increased and this paradigm of moral resistance is essential for the development of collective consciousness on major ethical issues of our time.
We believe that the involvemnet of youth, the school operators, the academic, intellectual, artistic, media and public  and private institutionsm is crucial to maintain and strengthen the cultural orientation, which takes this direction.

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Featured story

Carlo Bianchi

he dedicated his life helping those in need, saving the Sonnino-Shapira Jewish family from persecution