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Milan Garden

On 24 January 2003 a space was inaugurated in Milan's Monte Stella park to honour the Righteous of the World. Every year new trees are planted in this garden to commemorate the men and women that have helped the victims of persecution, defended human rights wherever they have been trampled on, safeguarded human dignity against all forms of annihilation of free and conscious identity, testified in favour of the truth against repeated efforts to deny crimes perpetrated. A prunus is dedicated to each of them and planted during a ceremony in their presence or with the participation of members of their families, with a granite memorial stone laid in the grass below.

The first trees were dedicated to the promoters of the first "Gardens of the Righteous" proposed in the world, in Jerusalem, Yerevan and Sarajevo: Moshe Bejski for the Righteous of the Holocaust, Pietro Kuciukian in honour of the Righteous for the Armenians and Svetlana Broz for the Righteous against ethnic cleansing. Since 13 November 2008 the Garden has been managed by the Association for the Milan Garden of the Righteous, founded by Milan's City Council, the Union of Italian Jewish Communities and the Committee for the Garden of the Righteous - Gariwo.

The Garden was created thanks to the proposal of Gabriele Nissim, President of the Committee of the Garden of the Righteous, to set aside a symbolic site in the city to commemorate exemplary figures of moral resistance in every corner of the world.

Righteous in the Garden

Communicate with the Righteous

  • 03.07.17

    Ho appena studiato i Giusti a scuola e ne sono rimasto colpito. Farò tesoro di quello che ho imparato e non lo dimenticherò. Lorenzo

  • 09.23.12

    Grazie Hrant per averci mostrato la luce del dialogo nel buio violento della negazione.

  • 09.23.12

    Che la terra da te smossa dalle tombe dei Giusti e viva nel Giardino di Yerevan smuova le coscienze di coloro che tacciono negando.


  • 09.26.10

    Tra i Giusti. Storie perdute dell'Olocausto nei Paesi [...]

    by Robert Satloff

Monte Stella ceremonies

Monte Stella ceremonies

Some pictures taken at the inauguration of the "Garden of the Righteous Worldwide", on 24 January 2003, and of the following ceremonies of trees dedication


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