Gariwo: the gardens of the Righteous

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The Gardens of the Righteous

Gardens that remember the Righteous of every genocide

The Garden of the Righteous of Milan

dedicated to the Righteous from all over the world

The Garden of the Righteous of Warsaw

the first one in Poland

The Garden of the Righteous of Yad Vashem

in Jerusalem first garden to remember the Righteous in the Holocaust

The Wall of Remembrance of Yerevan

to remember the Righteous for the Armenians

The virtual Gardens

Salonika Virtual garden

The Righteous against the extermination of the Jewish community

Sofia Virtual Garden

the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews and the opposition against Communism

Warsaw Virtual Garden

The Righteous of Zegota and Solidarnosc against the two forms of totalitarianism

Gardens in Italy:

Gardens worldwide:

Non-profit organization Gariwo, the forest of the Righteous realized the Web Gardens of Europe’s Righteous, in the Wefor section, that contains:

  • the "virtual" Gardens built in 3D
  • the "real" Gardens featured as a video

Through a project approved by the European Community and dedicated first of all to the younger generations to popularize the exemplary figures of moral resistance against the two kinds of totalitarianism – Nazism and Communism – in the European history of the Twentieth century.
The Gardens on Wefor are interactive and can be used in schools as a tool of dynamic teaching at the teachers’ disposal to help research and learning, and able to emotionally involve the students and getting them to participate actively in the cognitive process.