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Paul Rusesabagina 1954

the hotel manager who rescued one thousand two hundred people from the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda

Paul Rusesabagina

Paul Rusesabagina

"Hotel Rwanda" Portrays Hero Who Fought Genocide
by Stefan Lovgren in Los Angeles for National Geographic News,
9 December 2004

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Exemplary figures

in the Rwandan Genocide

A characteristic of the Rwandan Genocide is the brief amount of time in which it took place, one million deaths in 100 days, it was preceded by an genocidal intention and planning that only some people understood and denounced, like Antonia Locatelli and AndrĂ© Sibomana. Particularly serious are the institutional responsibilities of the UN, that recognized the genocidal actions but responded to them late. 

Those who in this contemporary context knew to respond with actions to help, rescue, and supportive attitudes are much more worthy of consideration and respect, as they disconnected themselves from a crowd of people that, being directly involved, did not know or want to act and react.