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6 marzo, Giornata europea dei Giusti

Celebrations 2015

Concert "Suoni dall'Ararat"

The honorary consulate of the Armenian Republic, in partnership with Gariwo, the Garden of the Righteous, holds a concert with the violinist Eduard Tadevosyan and the pianist Ani Martirosyan, in memory of the Righteous and of the Armenian genocide.

When: 11 February 2015, 20.45
Where: Palazzo Marino, Sala Alessi, Milan
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The European Day of the Righteous

The Consular Unit of Milan and Lombardy, in partnership with Gariwo, organizes a meeting in order to present the European day of the Righteous. Salutes by Gen. C.A. Riccardo Marchiò, Massimo Baggi, Giuliano Pisapia, Roberto Maroni and Francesco Paolo Tronca. Lectures by Gabriele Nissim, Ferruccio de Bortoli e Paolo Gentiloni. Moderator:Antonio Ferrari is the moderator.

When: 3 marzo 2015, 18.00
Where: Palazzo Cusani, Via Brera 15, Milan

Dusko Kondor Award for civil courage

Svetlana Broz, Gariwo - Sarajevo Director, organizes the ceremony for the assignment of the Dusko Kondor Award for civil courage, in the presence of Valentin Inzko, High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Stjepan Mesić, Croatia President, and Mary-Ann Hennessy, Director of the Council of Europe Office in Sarajevo. The ceremony will be hold in Vijecnica, the library burnt in 1992 and re-built in 2014. Đoko Stevanović, Zoran Pusić, Senija Karamehić, Rašid Palić and Latinka Perović will be honoured.

When: 6 March 2015
Where: Vijecnica, Sarajevo

Then and now. The always needed Righteous

Associazione Giardino dei Giusti of Milan, formed by Gariwo, Milan City Hall and UCEI, holds the customary ceremony at the Garden of the Righteous in Milan. A tree and a commemorative stone will be dedicated to Mehmet Gelal Bey, Alganesh Fessaha, Rocco Chinnici, Razan Zaitouneh, Ghayath Mattar and the Coast Guard women and men.

When: 6 March 2015, 11.00
Where: Garden of the Righteous Worlwide, Milan

Garden of the Righteous inauguration

Filosofi Lungo l’Oglio Association, in partnership with Gariwo, Orzinuovi City hall and Confraternita dei Santi Faustino and Giovita, celebrates the inauguration of the Garden of the Righteous of Orzinuovi. To follow, the 2015 Righteous proclamation. 

When: 6 March 2015, 11.00
Where: Parco Unità d'Italia, Orzinuovi (BS)
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First European Day of the Righteous in Germany

On Wegner Society proposal, the Parliament of the Land Nordrhein-Westfalen celebrates the first European Day of the Righteous in Germany, in honor of Armin T. Wegner and Dogan Akhanli. Carina Gödecke, President of the Parliament of the Land, will participate. 

When: 6 March 2015, 14.00
Where: Landtagsbibliothek, Düsseldorf, Germany

Celebration of the Righteous in Warsaw

Lectures about the figures of the Righteous in the presence of Maja Komorowska and a concert will be hold to celebrate the European Day of the Righteous, with the perfomance of the italian duet formed by Laura Bortolotto (violinist) and Matteo Andri (pianist), as a gift by the Italian Institute of Culture. The names of the three new Righteous will be announced during the ceremony; they will be honoured on the 27th of April, at the Garden of the Righteous in Warsaw.

When: 6 March 2015, 19.00
Where: Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Warsaw

"La scelta" (the choice)

Theatrical show by Marco Cortesi and Mara Moschini that tells about 4 tales dating back to the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia. Followed by public debate moderated by Patrizia di Luca, head of the Centro di ricerca sull’emigrazione-Museo dell’Emigrante (University of San Marino), and Fabio Cassanelli, Memory Educator.

When: 6 March 2015, 21.00
Where: Teatro degli Atti, Rimini
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"The Garden of the Rescuers - the Israeli Garden"

The Israeli branch of the "Garden of the Rescuers" Foundation organizes a ceremony with a conference and showing of a documentary. Gabriele Nissim e Yair Auron partecipate to the debate. 

When: 9 March 2015, 15.45
Where: Ra'anana Open University of Israel, Israel

Gariwo in Israel

Opening ceremony for the new Israeli branch of the Garden of the Righteous "Garden of the Israeli Rescuers", in partnership with Gariwo. Lecturers by Dyana Shaloufi Rizek, Dafna Karta Schwartz, Yair Auron, Gabriele Nissim, Shay Wineapple e Pietro Kuciukian.

When: 10 March 2015, 10.00
Where: Neve Shalom Wahat Salam Museum, Israel

​Gariwo-Czech Republic convention

Gariwo-Czech Republic holds a convention dedicated to the Armenian genocide centenary and the Righteous Armin T. Wegner. Tigran Seiranian, Armenian Ambassador to Czech Republic, Milada Kilianova, Czech NGO People in Need Peacemaker, and Jan Machacek from the Vaclav Havel Library will participate. The editorialist for Corriere della Sera Antonio Ferrari and the war correspondent Domenico Quirico will talk about the events firing up Middle East. As a conclusion, a concert of Armenian music.

When: 11 March 2015
Where: Goethe Institut, Prague

The Righteous and the European identity values

During the European Day of the Righteous, workshop with Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Patrizia Toia, head of the PD delegation in the European parliament, and Gabriele Nissim, Gariwo president.

When: 18 March 2015, 12.30
Where: European Parliament, Bruxelles

The Righteous: the institutional responsibility

Senza Confini Association, in partnership with Gariwo, celebrates the personalities of Mustafa Aga Azizoglu, Lazar Manojlovic and Gabriele Moreno Locatelli, Roberto Antiochia and captain Cataldo Pantaleo, by plating three trees in the Garden of the Righteous of Solaro. 

When: 8 May 2015, 10.00
Where: Garden of the Righteous, Solaro
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