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European Day of the Righteous

​Why honour women?

Editorial by Ulianova Radice, Gariwo Director

To mark European Day of the Righteous in 2016, Gariwo suggested to pay homage to the extraordinary contribution of the world of women to the human race. The reason for

Felicia's open door

Felicia left us ten years ago, but her strength, her irony, that countered the stereotypes of the grieving mater mediterranea, the lucidity of your remarks remain in the memory of those who have been friends to her, and her smile welcomes the visitors of her house, which according to her will has remained open and has become Casa Memoria. A secular sanctuary.

A piano concert for the Righteous

On 6 March - European Day of the Righteous, Maestro Gaetano Liguori will present his new album within a great concert at Sala Alessi of Palazzo Marino. The evening will be opened by actress Sonia Bergamasco, who will read from the texts written by the "Righteous" women to be honoured in Milan Garden.

Achievements and defeats for women's condition

On 7 March at 3.30 pm. international conference “Achievements and defeats in the legislation relating to women's condition in the world”, with remarks by Livia Pomodoro, Elisabetta Rosaspina and Milena Santerini. To be followed by the pieces of testimony of the new "Righteous".

The moral and civil resistance of women

The moral and civil resistance of women for their own dignity, as a universal heritage is the theme chosen to celebrate European Day of the Righteous 2016 in Milan. Here is the programme of our 3-day event. 

On 6 March we will honour women

For 2016 we have chosen as theme for our ceremony on Monte Stella hill The moral and civil resistance of women for their dignity as a universal heritage. The figures chosen are Sonita Alizadeh, Flavia Agnes, Halima Bashir, Vian Dakhil, Felicia Impastato and Azucena Villaflor. Would you like to honour them as well? 

The European Day of Righteous

The value of individuals and personal responsibility

On May 10, the European Parliament in Strasbourg adopted the Written Declaration establishing March 6th as European Day in memory of the Righteous.
The concept of Righteous, born from the elaboration of the Yad Vashem Memorial to remember the non-Jews who rescued the Jews, becomes the patrimony of all humanity.
The term "Righteous" is no longer confined to the Holocaust only; it becomes a point of reference for those who remember the genocide and totalitarianism in all their efforts to defend human dignity.

The significance of this decision is reminiscent of one of the cornerstones of European culture: the value of the individual and personal responsibility.


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