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European Day of the Righteous

"Deep down in the human heart there is goodness"

Claire Ly, survivor and witness to the Cambodian genocide, told Gariwo about her experience, the importance of the European Day of the Righteous, the issues of interfaith dialogue and international justice concerning the crimes perpetrated by the khmer rouges. 

France and the European Day of the Righteous

In view of the first European Day of the Righteous, the next 6 March, we suggest you some interviews and articles about the subject of “becoming Righteous” and the importance of an European memory and identity. Here there is the interview to Patrick Cabanel, expert of the History of the French Righteous.

The theatre of good memories. Students onstage

For Holocaust Remembrance Day, on Thursday 24 January 2013, Gariwo organizes theatrical show Four tableaux for four Righteous, in cooperation with cultural association Ser Tea Zeit. Students come on stage to give life to Fridjof Nansen, Dimitar Peshev, Samir Kassir and Vaclav Havel. the Righteous whom Milan will honour on 6 March by planting trees and unveiling memorial stones. 

From the Garden of the Righteous on Monte Stella Hill to the European Day of the Righteous

Gariwo and the Association of the Garden of the Righteous on Monte Stella hill present a two-conference meeting with world-famous philosophers and scholars to reflect on the Virtues of the Righteous and the Identity of Europe. Please write to us if you wish to create an event in your town/Country in preparation for the European Day of the Righteous, to be held on 6 March.

The Memory of the Righteous and the identity of Europe

“Righteous” has become a symbol to remind us of heroes of all genocides and totalitarian regimes who had the courage to defend human dignity and to protect lives. The meaning of the EU Parliament decision relates to one of the most fundamental value of European culture, namely the importance of human life  and one’s own personal responsibility and dignity. 

"The Righteous will help Bosnia"

The Chairwoman of Gariwo Sarajevo and author of books about the "good people in an evil time" and the subject of civil courage Svetlana Broz outlines the importance of the European Day of the Righteous for Bosnia and the Balkan regions. 

The European Day of Righteous

The value of individuals and personal responsibility

On May 10, the European Parliament in Strasbourg adopted the Written Declaration establishing March 6th as European Day in memory of the Righteous.
The concept of Righteous, born from the elaboration of the Yad Vashem Memorial to remember the non-Jews who rescued the Jews, becomes the patrimony of all humanity.
The term "Righteous" is no longer confined to the Holocaust only; it becomes a point of reference for those who remember the genocide and totalitarianism in all their efforts to defend human dignity.

The significance of this decision is reminiscent of one of the cornerstones of European culture: the value of the individual and personal responsibility.

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