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6 marzo, Giornata europea dei Giusti

European Day of the Righteous

On 10 May 2012 the European Parliament approved with 388 signatures Gariwo proposal of establishing a European Day dedicated to the Righteous in all genocide cases. Since 6 March 2013, we have thus celebrated the example of the Righteous to spread everywhere the values of responsibility, tolerance and solidarity.

The Righteous to be honoured this year at the Garden of Milan

For 2017 we have chosen as theme for our ceremony on Monte Stella hill “The Righteous of dialogue: the encounter of diversities to overcome hatred”. The figures chosen are Raif Badawi, Lassana Bathily, Mohamed Naceur (Hamadi) ben Abdesslem, Etty Hillesum and Pinar Selek.
Would you like to honour them as well?

How is EU Day of the Righteous marked?

It is marked through commemorations throughout Europe, in the Gardens of the Righteous, at schools, with the institutions, and the local associations.

How can I join the celebrations?

You can organize an event in your town, your school, or make such a gesture as "adopting a Righteous", visiting a Garden, laying a flower, leaving a dedication.

How do I find the material?
Download our kit from this link and share it with everybody!

Waiting for 6 March

The Humanity Must Grow Up

I was born in Mali in a family that taught me the respect of the others, whatever their faith or belief, to be able to live together. This is wealth This is why on the day of the attack I thought of what my mothers had told me. by Lassana Bathily

A two-year long wait...

I do not know from where to start and I frankly do not find the appropriate words to descrive what I am living today, a day I had longed for for two years. It was a very strong wish of mine, this longing for a meeting, which was rather, a reunion. My emotion is srong after what we have experienced. By Hamadi ben Abdesslem

Why fear Raif Badawi?

"States based on religion close their peoples in the circle of faith and fear". This sentence could have been uttered in several different countries in the world. Its author is Raif Badawi and the fear he mentions is the fear of free voice, an independent opinion, a critical voice. By Riccardo Noury

Let’s not fall into the trap of hatred

Why talk about the Righteous? Moral behaviour, not preaching can convince people. How beautiful is the tale of honey told by Pinar Selek. By Gabriele Nissim

Etty Hillesum: Every atom of hatred that we add to the world makes it inhospitable

If one thing is not hate, quite anouter is love your enemies. How can you love your enemies? In her quest for an answer, Hillesum reflects on the presence of evil in men and got persuaded that it is not onlu the enemy that hosts evil, but good and evil are rooted in every human being. By Klaas Smelik

The Memory of the Polish Righteous

We started our cooperation with Gariwo to bring to the European Parliament the proposal to establish European Day of the Righteous. On 6 March 2013 the Honorary Committee of the History Meeting House was founded, which over time changed its name into Committee for the Garden of the Righteous of Warsaw. By Piotr Jacubowski

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