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Dialogue and Reconciliation

New headquarters for Hrant Dink Foundations

A "place for hope" to keep on struggling for democracy, freedom of expression and the defense of human rights in Turkey and all over the world. This was the concept at the basis of the layout of the new seat of Hrant Dink Foundation in Istanbul.

Taking on the baton of memory

“Adopting a Righteous. A force for our future”. 500 students of the schools of Milan and its province have responded to the call launched by Gariwo, taking part in the events planned for Holocaust Remembrance Day together with Paolo Kessisoglu, Gabriele Nissim and Pietro Kuciukian.

"Good people in an evil time" also among the Ottomans

Gariwo founder and Armenia's honorary consul to Italy Pietro Kuciukian remembered the importance of the "Ottoman Righteous" in the course of a ceremony held in Saint Ambrose cathedral in Milan. 

Honoring the Righteous for the Armenians

Editorial by Baykar Sivazliyan – President of the Union of Italy’s Armenians

This year we are about commemorating the 99th anniversary of the genocide against the Armenians. The Armenian Genocide was the result of a terrible ideology that took roots in the minds and souls of the Young Turks, to save what

An Angelus for the Righteous in all genocides

Editorial by Gabriele Nissim, Chairman of Gariwo, the forest of the Righteous

Moral revolutions always start out with symbolic gestures, not because we can change the world with a magic wand, but because little clues highlighting the value of goodness help people believe in the creative force of their own

Farewell to Nelson Mandela

Passing away at age 95 of this absolute beacon of democracy, a leader who resisted jail and embraced pardon paving the way to reconciliation in South Africa after the fierce Apartheid persecution.  

Dialogue and reconciliation

it is the Righteous, rather than the victims or the persecutors. to speak to the future generations

In the torn social fabric of a country where a genocide case or other crimes against the humankind have occurred, it is very difficult, even after many years, to resume a kind of dialogue to re-establish relationships and rebuild civil coexistence between the victims - including survivors or their relatives, refugees and their heirs - and the persecutors, accomplices or passive bystanders. To this we should add the role of the State, its officials and government members, who often try to deny what occurred and refuse taking up the - however apparent - responsibilities of the massacres. Only the reaction and heeding ability of those who have not bowed their heads to the uniformation of behaviour within the group of the persecutors and have refused to conform to a conduct which conscience cannot approve, can allow people to resume a kind of communication which is able to combine the need for truth and the assumption of responsibility with an opening to future hope and a shared project-making. The Righteous are the only ones who have what it takes to do that.

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Marek Halter presents his new book "Faites-le"

call for action inspired from Steven Spielberg

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