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Civil Courage

We must dream like Arna Mer - Dacia Maraini tells about a bold woman

The writer in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera presents the story of a woman who used theatre and school to foster dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis.

"We must work for reconciliation" - Aung San Suu Kyi's speech

After 7 years under house arrest Aung San Suu Kyi, the leader of the National League for Democracy and Nobel Prize Laureate, was set free. Her first speech contains an invitation "to work together".

Nobel Prize Laureates gather in Hiroshima - they call for the release of Liu and Suu Kyi

Eleventh world summit on the subject "A world without nuclear weapons". Participants ask for the release of two winners of the prestigious award: Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo and Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi, both under arrest.

Tien An Men's Mother Courage arrested - the denounciation of Liu Xiaobo's wife

Ding Zilin, the Courage Mother of 1989, was arrested. She had recently declared: "The condemnation of Liu Xiaobo marked the beginning of the moral collapse of the Communist regime, but after the Prize we know the process is irreversible". The Nobel Prize laureate's wife invited the international community via Twitter to keep focused on the woman's fate. Interview inside.

Tehran one year on - the green wave and the memory of Neda

Screening of the documentary "For Neda", in memory of the girl who has become a symbol of the Green Revolution, boycotted.

Dusko Kondor Civil Courage Prizes - awarded by Gariwo Sarajevo

Six are the figures awarded with the prize issued to remember the human rights activist and member of Gariwo Sarajevo murdered in 2007: Krstan Bijeljac, Esad Alic, Slobodan Pejovic, Srdjan Aleksic, Miomir Mile Plakalovic, Amela Dudic.

Civil courage

the strength of human dignity

Genocide cases and extreme circumstances of human rights violations, persecutions and deprivation of freedom have occurred all over the world. Those who find the courage to oppose, safeguard their own moral integrity, assessing the duty of truth, reporting the crimes against humanity and struggling to defend the founding value of civil coexistence can be defined as Righteous peopleJournalists like Sihem Bensedrine in Tunisia and writers like Gao Xingjian in China, diplomats like Enrico Calamai in Argentina and artists like Sunila Abeysekera in Sri Lanka, students like Bo Kyi in Burma and (union) activists or politicians like Maria Elena Moyano in Peru, Guillermo Chen in Guatemala, Fannie Lou Hamer in the USA, scientists, lawyers, doctors, intellectuals like Vassili Nesterenko in Belarus, Sylvie Maunga Mbanga in Congo, Halima Bashir in Darfur, Hashem Aghajari in Iran. Not to forget the prominent female figures advocating the rights of women trampled on in many world areas, like Betty Makoni in Zimbawe, Hawa Aden Mohamed in Somalia,  Khalida Toumi Messaoudi in Algeria,  Lydia Chaco in Mexico.
As well as the best-known advocates of human and civil rights like Nelson Mandela in South Africa, Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma, Anna Politkovskaja in Russia, Orhan Pamuk in Turkey, Natasha Kandic in Serbia and Svetlana Broz in Bosnia, Ayaan Hirsi Ali from Somalia, the mothers of Plaza de Mayo in Argentina. 

Featured story

Dragan Andric

Bosnian activist, dedicated to hunting for justice during and after the Serb-Bosnian conflict