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Crackdown in Belarus - testimony born before the US Senate

Freedom House Executive Director David J. Kramer testified yesterday before the Senate Subcommittee on European Affairs. Following the election, which was marred by irregularities according to observers from the OSCE and the U.S. Embassy, security forces arrested hundreds of activists, including seven opposition candidates.

If Bouazizi reminds us of Jan Palach - revolts in Maghreb and the memory of Communism

Last December Mohammed Bouazizi set himself alight in Tunisia unleashing the Jasmine Revolution. It is impossible, writes Antonio Ferrari in Corriere della Sera, "not to see the similarities between Bouazizi and Czechoslovakian, Jan Palach”. But "The democratic force of globalization" has yet to ensure a lasting freedom.

Belarus, 25 people will be tried - for electoral protests in Minsk

20 December 2010 - Reelection of President Alexander Lukashenko, defined as "Europe's last dictator". OECD observers called these ballots "not free". Seven out of nine opposition candidates have been held.

Missing under Franco - 30,000 children taken away from Leftist parents

Franco's Spain abducted the children of political opponents. According to judge Baltasar Garzon this was a systematic plan, later imitated by the Argentinian generals: the application of a military psychiatricist's theories, by which marxists were "madmen who need be isolated since their birth.

Empty chair at Sakharov Prize ceremony - Cuba denies visa to dissident Farina

La Havana refused to allow the expatriation of Guillermo Farinas, the Cuban activist awaited in Strasbourg for the delivery of the Prize set up by the European Parliament to honour freedom of thought. Like for Liu Xiaobo at the Nobel ceremony, also for Farinas there will be an empty chair.

Liu Xiaobo refuses China's offer - release in turn of "confession"

Firm opposition of the dissident to the regime. One week before the ceremony Beijing doesn't allow artist Ai Wei Wei and economist Mao Yushi to leave the Country to prevent them from receiving the prize. In Oslo an empty chair will represent Liu Xiaobo.


The denial of Human being in the century of ideologies

In the history of the Twentieth century two differents symmetrical phenomena that produced the worst tragic events of the century arise: Fascism, with its extreme version of Nazism, and Communism, with its extreme version of Stalinism.
Both forms of Totalitarianism were sustained by an enormous and shocking “ideal” strength that can turn itself in a material force: ideology, as a capability to provide a comprehensive view of the world able to explain every implications of human life and to confer a meaning strictly framed in that concept, that cannot be cast aside without missing its very essence. 

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