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Fundamentalism and Terrorism

"Let's open Gaza to weaken Hamas"

According to the journalist and writer it is necessary to let the inhabitants of the strip experience diversity and plurality by allowing freedom of movement. This can be an answer to Islamic fundamentalism.

Sakineh, her son and lawyer arrested

The son and the lawyer of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani have been jailed. Iran wants the upper-hand on the case of the woman rescued from stoning thanks to the international mobilization, but still risking hanging. No more news about the two men, who were releasing an interview when they were held.

The woman in trousers flees abroad

Lubna Hussein wore the niqab to flee Sudan. The journalist who defied Omar Bashir's regime to advocate women's freedom to wear what they like and for this reason was sentenced to 40 lashes, now lives in Paris and shares her time between writing and activism.

Let's plant a tree for Neda together

The Association for the Milan Garden of the Righteous chose to dedicate one of the new trees to be planted at Monte Stella to Neda Soltan, symbol of the protests for freedom in Iran. Join the group on Facebook and let's plant her tree together so that the cry of the young Iranian people doesn't remain unheard.

If you touch Islam you may die - Souad Sbai threatened on the Net

A picture of the President of the Association of Moroccan Women in Italy blindfolded and with the writing: "She's a Muslim enemy to all Muslims" was published online. The site of Islamic fundamentalist Usama was reported.

Delara Darabi hung in Iran - Roxana Saberi released

American-Iranian journalist Roxana Saberi was released, perhaps as a sign of good will in the relations with Washington.

Fundamentalism and terrorism

ideology and violence against human rights

The Arab spring started in  2011 in Magreb and the anti-governmental demostrations in Iran and then Syria, Yemen, Bahrein and other Mid-Eastern countries, with the subsequent bloody crackdown, have marked the political defeat of the Qaedist movement led by Osama Bin Laden, who in the meanwhile was traced in Pakistan and killed in the assault of the US special forces inside his hideout. 
September, 11 2001 had caused a sharp turn in the relations between the West and Islam, characterized by a growing mistrust in the reciprocal perception.

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1972 Munich athletes visit scene of the massacre

caused by Black September terror attack

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Raif Badawi

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