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Inauguration of the Garden

Inauguration of the Garden

On 31 March 2016, among the celebrations of the European Day of the Righteous, the Garden of the Righteous of Rome was inaugurated in the park of Villa Pamphilj. 

The initiative was organised by Adei-Wizo in collaboration with Gariwo and it was realised with the help of Municipio Roma XII in order to pass the values of the Righteous people on to the new generations. 

Cristina Maltese, president of the Municipality, Ziva Fischer Modiano from Adei-Wizo, Noemi Di Segni from UCEI, the Rabbi of Rome Riccardo Di Segni, the president of the Jews Community of Rome Ruth DureghelloAnna Foa from Gariwo, Tiziana Capriotti from Municipio Roma XII and Alessia Salmoni, president of the Municipality Council Rome XII took part in the ceremony. 

Cristina Maltese wish for the Garden to become a symbol of "the ideas of peace and non- violence and the spirit of humanity and brotherhood of the Righteous".