Gariwo: the gardens of the Righteous

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On 25 February 2008, among the celebrations of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a Garden of the Sicilian Righteous in the Shoah was inaugurated in Palermo. The Mayor and the Israeli Ambassador in Italy took part in the ceremony. The Garden grows in the old town centre and near the old Jewish Quarter of the Moschita

On 6 March 2013, on the first European Day of the Righteous, the Mayor Leoluca Orlando, with the Assessor Agata Bazzi, placed in the Garden the commemorative tile made by Architect Pantuso in honour of the Righteous of the world. "This tile - Orlando said - is a way to never forget the sacrifice of the Jewish people, but also the sacrifice of the oppressed people, like Kurdish and Tamil, who are victims of violence."

Garden of Palermo - Inauguration

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Garden of Palermo 2013