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USA, the natives' protest becomes a teaching pathway

anti-Dekota access pipeline in the New York Times Learning section

8 February 2017

United States

What is the pipeline's project layout like? Which parties does it involve? What is the history of the persecution of the American natives? Which resources does each field (the investors and the opponents to the project) put in place and how could this dispute be resolve? Students are proposed to study this conflict in its modern and ancient features, only a few months after its appearance in the public realm. 

Six Red Cross workers killed in Afghanistan

the ISIS could be behind the attack

8 February 2017


Dreadful days in the country ravaged by war and fundamentalism. Six ICRC workers were killed and as much were abducted, and there were 20 deaths caused by an assault to the Supreme Court. According to the local governor and some claims, the masterminds could belong to the ISIS. 

"We were so beloved"

movie about German Jewish refugees to the United States

21 February 2017


"Manfred Kirchheimer’s personal documentary about the Washington Heights community of German Jewish people who escaped or survived Nazi Germany. It’s a film about Kirchheimer himself, who arrived in New York in 1936 with his parents, and about the new life that they built as refugees. It’s also a film about those who didn’t make it to the United States and were killed by the Nazis".