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Terror, the true mask of death

by Hafez Haidar

A Koranic school

A Koranic school

Last Summer, in Beirut, a friend of mine told me about a discussion between his uncle, Sheik Hassan, who is an ulami, that is to say a scholar of the Islamic law called “Shari’a”, and a supporter of terrorism.

After completing his Friday prayer, Hassan went to a coffee house to have a talk with his friends and quietly smoke the Narghilé. Suddenly Ahmad, a sturdy boy, showed up, and hastily and in an arrogant way told him: ”Old teacher preaching Islam at the mosque, you do nothing but talk and build castles on the sand. The moment has come to act, to exterminate the Jews and Christians who keep on exploiting our wealth, extract our oil and gas and then sell them back to us at a high price. Through money and weapons they help the dictators subjugate our people. What do you do? You smile and do never take a stance! You preach a moderate Islam, open to dialogue. With whom do you pretend to have this dialogue?”

I preach peace. Our Prophet has taught us to respect also the believers in other faiths, He taught us not to kill anybody, be it a Muslim, a Christian or a Jew. Mohammed said: -The Islamic faith consists int he fact that you believe in God, His Angels, His books, His envoys, the Doomsday and Resurrection after death! -".

“You are vile and coward! You mention the name of our Prophet in vain to conceal your fear. We shall eliminate as soon as possible Jews and Christians, as bringers of evil. You taught me we should respect and love women, but my faithful friends have shown me that women are inferior and are worth a quarter as much as men.”

“Mohammed said: - Heaven is under the mothers' feet -”.

After sighing sadly, the Sheik added: “The Prophet recommended to us: - Love your mother, your mother first, and then your father. Do not forget that he worshiped Mary, Jesus' mother, as witnessed by the sure of Mariam."

“You speak this way because you are afraid of entering the Caliphate and you do not want to belong to the Righteous?“

The Righteous do not kill, nor rape women, nor sell girls at a vile price. In Syria and Iraq, if a girl has blue eyes, she is sold to Isis at 30 dollars, but if she has got brown eyes, she is worth 20 or maximum 22 dollars. For Allah's sake, do you call this Islam?”

“Women are inferior, therefore it is right to consider them as spoils to part between brothers fighting for a noble cause”.

“And you call brothers those mercenary murderers? The Prophet has taught us that those who shed the blood of an innocent man have killed the whole humanity and incited us to love his brothers, sons to only one God the Creator, Compassionate and Merciful”.

“Come with us, otherwise you are going to repent. Kill the French and the Britons who have colonized us in Syria, Jordan, Egypt and the Maghreb countries with us, as they have treated us like dogs and have abused our women”.

“The nations' past is full with bitterness, suffering, tears and pain. We must look ahead, we must learn from the West about the fruits of culture and democracy and throw away what we do not deem apt for our uses and customs”.

“Precisely the Westerners' science destroyed our countries and drove you crazy!”.

“Remember the words of the Prophet: - Ask to learn about science even if it is in China, as science is your garment and your strength. The erudite are the keepers of the creatures upon Allah's order. If you ask an erudite for advice, his mind will be yours. The erudite are the keepers of the creatures upon Allah's order -”.

“Tell me, great wise man, who is the true Muslim?”.

Mohammed said: "The Muslim is brother to his fellow men: he does not oppress nor humiliate them. The Muslim is the one who saves fellow Muslims from the blows of his tongue and hand”.

“Liar, join us to give back Islam its old glory. At the time of the Umayyad (661-750) and Abassid (750-1258) Caliphs, we ruled the world and now the time has come to hoist Allah's flag everywhere”.

“Islam is not the fruit of violence, fundamentalism or racism. On the contrary it is based on justice, universal brotherhood, equality between brothers and forgiveness. I will remind you of the Prophet's words: - The mercy of God is reserved to the man who has helped his brother - ”.

“Forgiveness, culture, love, tolerance, what the hell of words are you pronouncing? Join us to build a true caliphate, great and powerful, feared by everybody”.

“I cannot even understand you. You who build Islam on the skeletons of innocents, when you appear before God on the Doomsday, what will you tell Him? We have murdered or slaughtered in front of cameras innocent men and women to win Heaven, to have many spouses laying on pure silk mattresses and live in the lavish castles where honey and milk flow?”.

“It is impossible to share a reasoning with you. In your opinion, who is al Baghdadi?”.

“The caliph should embody the shadow of God on earth, under which every oppressed person could find shelter. Your big boss, on the contrary, incites his own followers to murder and let themselves explode between the helpless civilians. Is this the true face of your beloved caliph?”.

“You cursed, caliph al Baghdadi is no oppressor! Even if you try to make me change my mind, I will follow the footprints of the heroes!”.

“You call heroes the men of al-Qaeda who destroyed the Twin Towers on 11 September 2001 or who killed in cold blood the journalists of Charlie Hebdo on 7 January 2015, or the terrorists who slaughtered innocent people in the Bataclan theatre on 15 November 2015? And what do you tell me about the suicide killers who hit in Brussels on 22 March 2016 and the white truck that killed so many women and children in Nice on 14 July 2016? Al Qaeda and Isis, with their mass murders, killed also many Muslims. In the collapse of the Twin Towers Muslims, Christians and Jews died, moreover the first victim of the cursed white truck of Nice was a Muslim woman. Do you call these evil acts as heroic?".

The young fanatic shook his head and replied: “Liar, you are not different from the others!”. Having said so, he pushed the sheik down to earth, then kicked him saying: “Look, nobody helps you because you are a coward!”.

The sheik said: "You train children to slaughter journalists, engineers, doctors before cameras. This is not Islam!”.

“We punish also the disobedient and infidel children”.

“Mohammad taught us: - Those who do not love children will not receive God's love – Repent, repent!!”.

Soon afterwards, two gun shots were heard and the young boy ran away leaving his teacher in a bloodbath.

Terrorism is the disease of humanity, it is the lethal weapon of those who sow hatred, violence, atrocity and horror in the hearts of the weak and the helpless.

Terrorists are fanatic fundamentalists pushed by unrestrained and unreasonable fundamentalism, racism and ignorance to kill, destroy, sow everywhere panic and horror. Blinded by hatred and revenge, they erase the dreams of children and their mothers and deface the beauty created by God and men. The suffering and crying of the innocent are for them a reason of feast, of pride and glory.

Analysis by Hafez Haidar, scholar emeritus and writer

4 November 2016

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